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DIR Diving

Information about DIR Diving Equipment

DIR Diving Equipment is an integrated set of dive gear where each part of the system is designed to work perfectly with every other part. DIR Equipment provides a minimalist, streamlined approach to diving that makes it easy to stay in good trim, and is designed so that there are no extraneous parts that can catch or snag as you move through a wreck or cave. DIR or Doing It Right as it is otherwise known is a holistic aproach to diving that covers everything from fitness to mental preparedness to training and team work. The equipment is just one important part in that overall system.

When combined with technical training like the GUE Fundamentals course, the diver can start to gain the skills needed to progress to some of the most advanced and extreme forms of diving possible. The gear is scalable from day one. The first backplate you buy with your wetsuit and Halcyon Eclipse, will still be with you when you move to technical diving with your Halcyon Evolve, your Twinset and Santi Drysuit. This gear is built to last, and if you buy it first time around, you're unlikely to be spending money replacing it ever again.

For more information please see DIR Diving Wiki.


Dir Diver and GUE Instructor - Brian Allen, in a cave in Gozo