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Masks - Black

Allegedly rule number 6 of the DIR Diving system is "Always look cool", so to help with that we've put together a selection of the best looking Black Masks in the market place. Apart from looking good, the main benefit to a black mask is that it blocks out distracting reflections and confusing light sources/flashes that can be casued by clear skirted masks, leaving you to concentrate on your surroundings. The best masks are those that enable you to see as much of your surroundings as possible while maintaining a good seal around your face, while good backup masks have flexible sides so that they easily fit into pockets. The masks presented here are the best of what's available today. Our personal favourite is the original Scubapro Frameless Mask, a popular rigid main mask with DIR divers is this Halcyon Mask.

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  1. Halcyon Single Lens Mask

    Halcyon Single Lens Mask

    The Halcyon Single Lens Mask gives an excellent field of vision and features an extremely soft and comfortable silicone skirt that fits and seals to a wide range of faces. Learn More
  2. Halcyon Dual Lens Mask

    Halcyon Dual Lens Mask

    The Halcyon Dual Lens Mask is very low-profile giving an excellent field of vision while also being very easy to clear if needs be. Learn More
  3. Scubapro Frameless Mask

    Scubapro Frameless Mask

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    Scubapro Frameless Mask, a classic single lens mask without a frame. Lightweight and super comfortable Available in Black & White. Learn More

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    Special Price: £61.49

  4. OMS One Window Frameless Mask

    OMS One Window Frameless Mask

    The OMS Single Window mask has a very low volume, providing exceptional field of vision and ease of clearing. Learn More
  5. OMS Two Window Frameless Mask

    OMS Two Window Frameless Mask

    The OMS Two Lens Frameless Mask features a very low volume, tear drop lens and is available in either translucent or black. Learn More

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