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DUI FLX Extreme Drysuit

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The DUI FLX Extreme Drysuit is perfect for divers looking for a suit that is lightweight, flexible and tough without compromising on fit and comfort.

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DUI FLX Extreme Drysuit

dui_flx_extreme_badgeThe DUI FLX Extreme Drysuit has been made divers who require a suit that is both robust but in no way restricts movement. The Polyester / Butyl Rubber / Polyester Trilaminate material used to create the FLX is lightweight but very abrasion resistant to provide a suit that is capable of performing even in harsh conditions. Typically divers who frequently dive wrecks or may have to squeeze through tight restrictions such as cave divers prefer the added durability of the FLX over the TLS350. Coupled with a Cordura overlay over the body the DUI FLX Extreme is more than capable of joining you on any diving adventure and will keep you comfortable and dry at the same time.

The DUI size chart can be found here.

Front loading design

The key to the FLX Extreme’s flexibility is the front entry design which positions the dry zip across the diver’s chest from left should to right hip. By moving the zip from the back, shoulder motion is dramatically increased making valve drills much easier to perform. The main dry zip is then protected by a flap and plastic zipper, this feature helps to reduce excessive wear on the dry zip from wearing diving gear.

Telescopic Torso

A DUI first is found on the FLX Extreme: the telescopic torso. Extra length is provided in the torso section of the suit allowing a range of benefits. Firstly it allows the suit to be pulled over the head and the neck seal put on comfortably. Secondly it allows for increase manoeuvrability as the mid-section is able to move with the body rather than staying stationary. Any excess material is taken care of with an dui_tls_350_warm_neckelastic crotch strap.

Warm neck collar

The neck of the overlay is finished with a ring of neoprene that protects the neck seal from UV rays and helps to avoid it getting cut or nicked. It also allows the collar of a hood to be tucked inside to provide good thermal protection to the diver’s neck. It also stops the hood from annoying riding up during the dive causing discomfort.

Bellows pockets

On the outside seam of each is a large bellowed pocket that is perfect storing any accessories that you may need to take with you on a dive. The pocket is closed via a large Velcro flap that is easy to grab when wearing gloves, this flap has a small zippered pocket built into it that is the perfect place to store any spare bolt snaps. Inside the main compartment is stainless steel d-ring that provides the perfect place to clip off any gear, eyelets at the top of the pocket allow bungee cord to be fitted if preferable.


Two boot options are available on the FLX Extreme – neoprene socks with rock boots or Turbosoles. Rockboots provide better ankle support and are the best choice if long walks are required to your entry and exit points; they are also much more stable on rocky entries. They do however slightly reduce the amount of ankle precision which can affect the efficiency of fins kicks.

Turbosoles are the best choice for boat diving and easy shore entries as they provide maximum ankle mobility and the added benefit of not being able to forget your boots. A Velcro strap positioned around the ankle of the Turbosole helps to keep it in the correct position on your foot and limit air migration somewhat.

Zip Seals – optional extra

Zip Seals are DUI’s latest innovation and have revolutionised the way seals are attached to drysuits. Zip Seal allow a wrist or neck seal to be replaced in a matter of minutes, which might save the dive of a lifetime if you happen to tear a seal just before getting in the water. Unlike other quick change systems Zip Seals are flexible and low profile which makes getting in and out of dive gear very simple, they are barely noticeable when in the water.

dui_zip_seal_wrist_apartDUI FLX Extreme Drysuit Features:

  • Polyester / Butyl Rubber / Polyester Trilaminate
  • Front entry design
  • Telescopic torso
  • Cordura overlay
  • High profile Apeks exhaust valve
  • Warm neck collar hood included
  • Two installed cargo pockets
  • Cordura knee pads
  • Choice of Turbosoles or Rockboots



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Additional Information

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