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DUI TLS350 Drysuit

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DUI TLS350 Drysuit, the original exploration ready drysuit. Ready for some of the most extreme diving from the box the DUI TLS350 is the perfect suit for the underwater explorer.

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DUI TLS350 Drysuit

The DUI TLS350 Drysuit is the pinnacle in exploration drysuit design and is the basis on which most other manufacturers make their suits. Common features on modern drysuits were DUI firsts: Front entry diagonal zipper, telescopic torso, crotch strap, warm neck collar, zipper guard and rock boots, the DUI TLS350 has all of these.

The Nylon/Butyl Rubber/Nylon trilaminate material used in the construction of the TLS350 is amazing lightweight, flexible and fast drying. When diving in a TLS350 it feels like diving in a t-shirt and shorts, the overall flexibility is so great.

The DUI size chart can be found here.

Front entry design

The medium weight dry zipper fitted to the DUI TLS350 is fitted from the left hand shoulder to the right hip; this adds a number of benefits. Firstly it allows the suit to be put on and taken off without any assistance from anyone else, ensuring that the zipper is done up correctly and that nothing is trapped in the zip by the diver themselves. Secondly the zipper is in less strained position when in use prolonging zipper life over a traditional back zip position. Third the cross chest design improves the flexibility of the suit as there is no longer a stiff strip along the shoulders, improving reach to make valves drills and other manoeuvres much easier.

Zipper guard

The front entry zipper of the DUI TLS350 drysuit is covered by a flap and plastic zipper. This helps reduce wear on the dry zip further prolonging the zips life.

Telescopic torso

The telescopic torso suit design was a DUI first and has been copied by many manufacturers. The telescopic torso feature allows the top of the suit to be easily lifted over the head when donning and doffing but it also allows the mid-section of the suit to move with the diver. This added flexibility in the mid-section makes reaching behind ones back much easier, movements on land are also much less restricting.
The elasticated crotch strap with pinch clip comes between the legs to keep any excess torso material in check and pulls the top of the suit back into the correct position after any large stretches.

dui_tls_350_warm_neckWarm neck collar

The warm neck collar is another DUI first; the ring around the neck on the torso overlay is made from neoprene and allows a hood to be tucked underneath. This layer of neoprene helps to improve insulation around the neck as latex on its own is a very poor insulator. A collared hood can easily be tucked underneath to add even more protection to the neck area keeping you warmer for longer.

Bellows pockets

The DUI TLS350 comes with a large bellows pocket fitted to each leg as standard. The main compartment is fitted with a d-ring for attachment of any accessories and eyelets in the top allow the fixing of bungee cord if this is preferred. A small zippered pocket on the Velcro flap is the perfect place for storing small accessories such as spare clips.


dui_turbo_solesThe TLS350 comes with rock boots as standard, neoprene socks are fitted to the suit and a pair of sturdy boots is worn over the top. This allows a large range of ankle movement while still providing a sturdy foot for walking on at the surface. DUI rock boots also help to keep air out of the feet for greater in water comfort.

Turbo soles can also be fitted to the TLS350; they are effectively neoprene socks with a tennis shoe sole glued to the bottom. Turbo soles allows the most flexible and functional drysuit boot, a Velcro strap around the ankle limits air movement somewhat and stops the boot from coming off the ankle.

Zip seals – optional extra

Zip seals are another DUI innovation. The neck and wrists of the suit are fitted with flexible rings that allow seals to be removed and replaced in a matter of minutes. The difference between Zip Seals and other ring type systems in the low dui_zip_seal_neckprofile and flexibility of Zip Seals that is unparalleled by another manufacturer and is a DUI held patent.

DUI TLS350 drysuit features:

  • Black Nylon/Butyl/Nylon trilaminate material
  • Classic zip
  • Black Tough Duck overlay
  • Apeks high profile dump valve
  • Apeks inlet valve
  • dui_zip_seal_wristWarm neck collar
  • Self-venting hood included
  • 2 installed cargo pockets
  • Double layer knee overlay
  • Rock boots



Additional Information

Additional Information

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Weight in Kg 8.0000
Manufacturer DUI
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A great allround drysuitReview by BristarUK
This suit is a favourite amongst GUE Instructors around the world. Very flexible, stylish and extremely easy to maintain. (Posted on 03/08/2013)

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