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Suunto D6i White Dive Computer With Free USB Link

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Suunto D6i White Dive Computer, the new white version of the D6i looks as good as it functions providing both style and a feature packed diving computer. Includes USB uplink.

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Product Description


Suunto D6i White Dive Computer

The feature packed D6i dive computer is now available with a white silicone strap, the D6i looks as good as it performs. The D6i white is full of features that help to keep you safe without intruding on your dive. With the purchase of an optional wireless air pressure transmitter the D6i is capable of displaying a divers current tank pressure while monitoring the gas supply. The wireless pressure sender simply screws into a spare high pressure port on the first stage and is small enough not to affect hose routing. The D6i white monitors your current gas supply and breathing rate to determine your current remaining cylinder time so at a glance a diver can see whether it is their gas supply or no decompression limit that is the dive ending factor. Throughout the dive the cylinder pressure is constantly recorded and can be seen on a graph when uploaded to Suunto's Dive Manager 4/Movescount, allowing accurate gas planning for future dives and working out an average air consumption rate over a number of dives. 

Suunto D6i White Overview

Spec D6i D9tx Comparison
Size (Diameter) 45mm 50mm
Weight 120 g 110g
Display Type Dot Matrix LCD Dot Matrix LCD
Display Light Yes Yes
Nitrox Mode Yes, 21-99% Yes 21-99%
Trimix Mode No Yes
No. Of Gases 3 8
Gauge/Freediving Yes Yes
Deco Algorithm Suunto RGBM Suunto RGBM
Compass Yes Yes
Wireless Transmitter Optional Extra Optional Extra
PC/MAC Interface Optional Extra Optional Extra
User Changeable Battery No No

Not only can the D6i white tell you all your dive critical information as well as your cylinder pressure but it also features an innovative tilt-compensated 3D compass. The integrated compass on the D6i can be tilted up 45 degrees in any direction while still giving a highly accurate bearing. No longer do you have to contort your arm to try and get the compass to move, the D6i white can be used in a comfortable position and still provide you with a bearing you can trust. The compass rose of the D6i white shows cardinal and half cardinal points and the current bearing is displayed as a number. When a bearing is a set the D6i provides markers that make following a set heading easy and accurate. The marks of a reciprical bearing, 90/270 and 120/240 degrees are also shown.

The D6i white can be set to one of four modes which allows the computer to make use of specific features to provide the correct information for different diving activities. The D6i can be set to a choice of air, nitrox, gauge and freediving modes to provide more approprate information for the current diving activity.

Learn more about the Suunto D6i White in the manual here.

Air mode

In Air mode the Suunto D6i White functions as a full decompression computer using air as the only gas used. This is the simplest of the SCUBA functions but provides full decompression information based upon the Suunto RGBM decompression algorithm. If you only use air for your diving then strap the D6i white on and enjoy. The large dot-matrix display provides information with absolute clarity allowing it to be read in almost all diving condition, at least diving conditions that are worth diving in and some that are not.

Suunto D6i WhiteNitrox mode provides the user with the ability to change between three present nitrox mixtures, typically this is air or a weak nitrox for the deeper portion of the dive and then a rich nitrox mixture for the ascent providing accelerated decompression. The D6i white is continuously monitoring the dive and calculates the decompression obligation based on all gas possibilities so even if you forget to switch gas or run out of decompression gas the D6i can give you a safe ascent profile. Each of the gas mixtures can be set to be between 21% and 99% in 1% increments for excellent flexibility.

In gauge mode the D6i white works just like a simple bottom timer, however it is still recording your dive so that all the information can be veiwed later either on the D6i white itself or on a PC or Mac. It provides bookmarking function which allow key points to be flagged when veiwed on a computer, bookmarks can be used for many reasons but commonly they can be used to mark a turn point in the dive, a specific cylinder pressure that is reached or the beginning of a gas switch.

When in freediving mode the D6i white functions similarly to gauge mode but the sample rate is increased to an incredible 3 times a second, you can be sure that the depth that is shown on your wrist is definitely the depth you are currently at. Other computers that use a slower sampling rate do not give a true indication of the true depth as the sample may not be taken when at the maximum depth.

Suunto D6i White Features:

  • Stainless steel casing
  • Air, Nitrox, Free and Gauge Modes - operable to 150m
  • 3 Nitrox mix gas switching - 21-99% O2
  • Wireless transmitter option, operable upto 300 bar
  • 3D digital compass
  • Resettable dive timer in dive mode
  • Optional deep stops
  • Option of attenuated Suunto RGMB
  • 140 hours of logbook memory at 20 second samples
  • Optional sample rates of 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds
  • Free mode sample rates of 1, 2, or 5 seconds
  • Dive profile graph shown in logbook
  • Dual time, calender, alarm clock, stopwatch
  • DM4/Movescount USB interface included



    Additional Information

    Additional Information

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    Manufacturer Suunto
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