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Azdry Tech Lite Drysuit

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The Azdry Tech Lite has been designed specifically for technical diving in the UK, robust on the bottom, flexible up top this suit ticks all the boxes for a technical drysuit.

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Product Description


Azdry Tech Lite Drysuit

The Azdry Tech Lite has been designed with technical diving in mind since the lead hit the paper of the drawing board. The Tech Lite uses different materials in specific areas to provide the best mobility while remaining as bust as possible.  Other features such as the front entry zip and telescopic torso also increase the flexibility of the suit. The seam system used to hold the suit together has been used by Azdry since 1984 and is one of the best around.

Material selection
The Azdry Tech Lite is made from two different materials; the lower part is crafted using a heavy duty, high tenacity nylon fabric for excellent durability and strength. Typically the lower body takes the most wear from sitting, kneeling and crawling around in wrecks but does not need to be massively flexible as the important part of the fin kicks come from the ankles.  The crotch area also benefits from this thicker material due to the high wear from a crotch strap used on a backplate. This highly durable nylon lower section is a good trade-off between overall robustness and flexibility.
The upper body is made using standard weight polyester which is noticeably more flexible than the bottom half. This massively increases the flexibility of the upper body allow valves to be reached with ease, even when using a single 15 litre. It is much easier to see where your arms may snag so the slight reduction in durability is not so much of an issue, although it must be said even after 100’s of dives, Paul Harris’ (our resident tech instructor and diver) suit looks as if it had just been taken out of the box, save for a couple of orange rust stains.

Cut and fit
The Azdry Tech Lite Drysuit is available in 10 men’s stocks sizes, 7 ladies stock sizes and made to measure if you require that fit that only a tailor made suit can provide.  The Tech Lite is manufactured using a sleeve design that removes any stitching from underneath the arm and armpit; this provides the suit with an amazing amount of arm movement that does not bind to the undersuit or the diver.

Telescopic torso
The telescopic torso design has a number of benefits, firstly it allows the suit to be comfortably entered, and without it some contortionist moves would have to be conducted to get the neck seal over one’s head. Secondly it provides the mid-section some stretch which is really useful when doing valve drills as it allows the suit to easily move with you rather than trapping you in which ever position the suit was cut to.  The wide elastic strap and pinch clip ensure that the torso is held down when in use and returns to the correct position when no longer in a stretch position.

azdry_tech_lite_seamAzdry Sealing System
At the end of the day, if the seams leak there is no point using a drysuit. Luckily Azdry have been using their system since 1984 with great success and over the years have perfected it even further. Each seam is double stitched to make sure the join is secure and to reduce the change of a seam stretching and creating holes. The seam is then taped with a thin neoprene tape as a first defence against water intrusion; this is then backed up by a second wider layer of neoprene tape to make sure the seam is completely water tight. To quote one of our local divers using a Tech Lite ‘It is amazing how warm you feel when your drysuit is totally water tight’.

azdry_tech_lite_ankle_gatorAnkle Gator System
The ankle gator system is unique to the Azdry Tech Lite as it allows the calves of the suit to be slimmed down once donned to help reduce gas migration to the feet and to further streamline the suit. Leaving the zips undone makes donning and doffing the suit very easy. The zips are made from a durable polymer and a very long lasting. The ankle gator system works in conjunction with the fabric socks fitted to the Tech Lite which is designed to be worn with protective over boots. These two features help to reduce the amount of air in the feet and lower legs of the suit for more comfortable diving and ascents.

Apeks and Sitech inlet valves are available in either seatec of CJEN fitting. Apeks Low and High profile dump valves are available as well as a cuff dump. The Sitech adjustable dump valve is also available. The dump valve is positioned on the outside of the left arm where it is in the perfect position to dump air when ascending in a horizontal fashion.

The medium weight dry zipper is position from the right shoulder to the left hip, which places the inflator valve in a more appropriate position and also allows better positioning of the dump valve. The dry zip is covered by and external plastic zip and fabric cover for protection

The Azdry Tech Lite is fitted with two tech pockets, which are of a bellowed design expanding to the correct size depending on what is placed inside. A retaining d-ring is position inside as is an eyelet for the fitting of a bungee loop if so desired. The pocket is closed using Velcro and a large fabric flap. A wetnotes pocket is fitted behind the tech pocket so that wetnotes can be removed and replaced without having to turn out the entire pocket.

Latex seals are fitted as standard and are fitted externally and internally for excellent water resistance, four sizes or wrist seal are available. A bellowed latex neck seal is fitted as standard and is also available in four sizes. Yamamoto 3.5mm super-stretch neoprene seals can be fitted as an optional extra.

Azdry Tech Lite Features:

  • 3 kg total weight depending on size
  • Front entry design providing excellent freedom of movement
  • Nylon fabric bottom with polyester top for a combination of strength and flexibility
  • 2 tech pockets fitted as standard
  • Ankle Gator System to reduce air migration in legs and feet
  • Integrated fabric socks, sized to fit
  • Nylon zippered flap to protect dryzip
  • Sleeve design reduces stress points for better movement
  • Latex neck and wrist seals for comfort, available in a range of sizes
  • Adjustable Apeks Exhaust Valve
  • Apeks inflator valve
  • Double stitched double sealed seams 
  • Crotch strap and internal braces fitted
  • Drysuit bag included


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU AZDTechlite
Weight in Kg 8.0000
Manufacturer Azdry
MPN TechLite


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