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  1. Atomic T3 Titanium Regulator

    Atomic T3 Titanium Regulator

    The Atomic T3 Titanium Regulator is the lightest regulator in the world and is manufactured to the highest standard to provide you with the best regulator on the market. Learn More

  2. Atomic ST1 Stainless Steel Regulator

    Atomic ST1 Stainless Steel Regulator

    The Atomic ST1 Stainless Steel Regulator is a high end regulator, designed for divers who demand the best at all times, in all environments. Learn More
  3. Atomic B2 Regulator

    Atomic B2 Regulator

    The Atomic B2 Regulator is a top spec regulator at an amazing price point, high quality materials and manufacturing techniques ensure reliability in all conditions. Learn More
  4. Atomic M1 Regulator

    Atomic M1 Regulator

    The Atomic M1 Regulator is nitrox ready for mixtures containing up to 50% oxygen. A special second stage covers reduces freeflows in high current environments. Learn More
  5. Atomic Z3 Din Regulator

    Atomic Z3 Din Regulator

    The Atomix Z3 Regulator provides divers with a highly reliable regulator that provides gas in a smooth and easy manner. Ex-shop floor display model.

    Learn More
  6. Atomic M1 Octopus

    Atomic M1 Octopus

    The Atomic M1 Octopus is designed for use in demanding environments, ensuring piece of mind should you encounter an out of air situation. Learn More
  7. Atomic Z2 Octopus

    Atomic Z2 Octopus

    The Atomic Z2 Octopus can be used in the harshest environments, giving you piece of mind should you ever encounter an out of gas situation. Learn More
  8. Atomic Venom Mask

    Atomic Venom Mask

    The Atomic Venom mask is made from only the finest materials to provide incredible comfort and the clearest view of the underwater world as possible. Learn More
  9. Atomic Frameless 2 Mask

    Atomic Frameless 2 Mask

    The Frameless 2 from Atomic is the successor of the Frameless Mask. Now with an improved fit and even more sizes available. 

    Learn More
  10. Atomic Blade Fins Clearance sale

    Atomic Blade Fins Clearance sale

    Atomic BladeFins are designed to feel solid on your feet, providing maximum power transfer thanks to a unique power-loop monocoque structure. Learn More

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    Special Price: £84.99

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