A high-quality drysuit is essential for anybody that regularly dives in cold water. Every diving drysuit in our complete range offers the correct levels of thermal protection by preventing any water from coming into contact with your body.

There are two main categories of diving drysuits: neoprene and membrane. Neoprene drysuits tend to be more common and are constructed from a thick fabric that offers complete thermal protection. Membrane drysuits, also known as tri-laminate drysuits are thinner than their neoprene counterpart. They tend to be more flexible but require an undersuit to protect you properly from cold water. Whichever type of diving drysuit you prefer, we stock the best from all of the UK's top scuba diving brands including Scubapro, Typhoon and Fourth Element.

If you do opt for a diving drysuit that requires you to also wear an undersuit, we've got you covered! Aquanauts stock mens and womens undersuits in a full range of sizes and specifications, including socks and vests. Our expert team of diving experts can also help you to find the correct drysuit for your needs and are able to tell you about your different made-to-measure drysuit options should you want a bespoke product.