Dive knives are a staple for all scuba divers and you should always have one with you in the water. If you are hunting for a new or replacement knife, browse our complete range of high performance scuba diving knives online today.

Scuba diving knives are an essential and handy safety tool that can help in all kinds of situations, including emergencies. For example, if you become tangled up in nets while diving you can easily cut yourself free with a good dive knife. As well as stocking compact and standard knives, we can also provide you with shears and line cutters to have you covered in any situation. You can choose from differrent kinds of blades including straight edges and serrated edges for optimum durability.

Contact the team at Aquanauts for advice or guidance about choosing the right scuba diving knife. We can talk you through the benefits and features of all of the top products so that you can feel confident you have made the safest choice.