Regulator sets are a great way of buying your scuba diving regulator, as they include all of the pieces of equipment you need. Our range of regulator sets come complete with 1st stage, 2nd stage and an octopus. Your 1st stage regulator will adjust the air pressure from your tank to a suitable level and your 2nd stage will then allow you to breathe through your mouth. The octopus included in these regulator sets acts as an emergency air supply.

Buying your regulator as a set not only saves you money and time but also allows you to get equipment that all works together from some of the top scuba diving brands. Make sure that you choose a regulator set that is suitable for your intended use. Most will be suitable for recreational use but you may need a specialist product for cold water diving.

Speak to the experts at Aquanauts. Ran by divers, for divers, we will endeavour to help you choose the very best regulator set for your needs from a huge range of products in stock today.