Corona Virus Update - Feb 2021

The Aquanauts Covid-19 Road-map

A plan, some dates and a bit of light on the horizon!

2 nights ago the blueprint for Englands gradual way out of lockdown was announced by the government.  It's not perfect, it's still quite a few weeks away but it does at least allow us all to plan, get excited and to start seriously thinking about going diving again. 

Caution though is very much still the watch word. In amongst our jubilation and celebration we need to remember people are still dying in alarming numbers,  families are still unable to visit each other and we still need to remain aware of safety and spreading the virus without realising.  

But at least we can now have our own Aquanauts road-map and start to dream of a life-aquatic slowly coming back.

From 29th March we will once again  be open for:

1. Boat diving from Outcast - numbers will be limited to 6 to stay with the guidelines, but (the weather wind gods provided) we will setting off to re-introduce ourselves to our favourite dive sites!



2. Dive Courses - again limited numbers only (4 pre course max), but we will be able to start up proper diving courses again.  Diving courses where we actually go diving that is! 


In both instances for now call the centre or email us.  We are in the process of installing a new online booking systems but we're having a few glitches at present.


From 12th April we will once again  be open for:

The shop will once again be open! There may still be some restrictions  BUT you can drop in for an air fill, try kit on, look and handle lovely new dive gear, or just call in to say 'Hi".  BLISS

In the meantime

You can still call us on 01752 228825, email or message us on our AQ Facebook. There is a real person at the other happy to help and answer any and all of your queries and questions.

And of course the Online shop is OPEN AS NORMAL!


In the meantime from all of us here at Aquanauts, continue to stay safe and well.  And  we hope to see you in the not too distant future now.