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Scubapro Mantis 1 Dive Computer

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The Scubapro Mantis Dive Computer can be completely customised to provide the most accurate dive data, based entirely on you.

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Product Description


Scubapro Mantis Dive Computer, developed with a Human Factor Diving approach to provide you with a computer that automatically adjusts to your diving style using biometrics. The Mantis keeps track of a number of personalisable factors providing a pinpoint level of accuracy which perfectly suits your diving. The Mantis is able to re-adjust your decompression calculation based on your heart, by simply wearing the Scubapro Heart Rate belt which is available separately your no-deco limits and ascent profiles are instantly adjusted to provide the best profile for you. The user can choose from a number of micro-bubble settings, these add more or less conservatism based on the users experience level, age and physical condition which allows the Mantis to accurately track your nitrogen on and off-gassing. Profile Dependant Intermediate Stops provide an intermediate stops that is based on your nitrogen absorption, previous and current dives as well as the breathing mixtures your have set. The Predictive Multi-Gas setting provides decompression profiles based on all the gas mixes you are carrying so that you can get out of the water safely even when it doesn't go to plan. 

The Scubapro Mantis is packed with a huge number of features and modes, allowing it to be more than just a dive computer. Scuba, CCR and Gauge modes are perfect for all levels of diver. In Scuba mode the user can set the oxygen percentage of the gas to be between 21 and 100% oxygen, ideal for single tank nitrox diving. CCR mode provides decompression information based on a fixed set-point, of which the diver can select between two. CCR mode also provides the ability to bailout onto Open Circuit should the rebreather fail and you need to ascend using another air source. Gauge mode is ideal as a backup timer or when doing deep, extended bottom utilising a number of different breathing mixtures. The Mantis also features Apnea and Swim modes which are ideal for those in training and want to log their progress. Apnea mode features a number of additional alarms as well as an increased sampling time (0.25 seconds instead 4 seconds) to ensure the data you are receiving is as accurate as possible. Swim mode includes a stroke counter and distance tracker. 

Read the Scubapro Mantis Manual to discover everything the computer has to offer. 

Scubapro are currently developing a new heart rate belt specifically for the Mantis that will measure skin temperature as well as heart rate. Allowing the Mantis to adjust your profiles by taking into account your temperature as well as all the other factors. 

Scubapro Mantis features:

  • 120m maximum operating depth
  • 2 year/300 dive battery life
  • Full watch functionality
  • Altimeter
  • Thermometer
  • Alarm Clock
  • Chronograph with lap memory
  • 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Case
  • Magnetic control buttons
  • Mineral glass lens
  • Back-lit LCD Display

Scuba Mode:

  • UWATEC ZHL-8 Predictive Multi-Gas Algorithm
  • Safety stop timer
  • Depth, time, CNS%, deco, MOD alarms
  • Profile Dependant Intermediate Stops (PDIS)
  • Micro-bubble level selection
  • Heart rate analysis with optional heart rate belt
  • Salt/fresh water selectable
  • Stop counter
  • Bookmark function
  • Nitrox setting between 21-100%

Gauge Mode:

  • Continuously updated average and maximum depth display
  • One-press stopwatch function

Apnea Mode:

  • Enhanced APNEA logbook for storing repetitive dives under same session
  • Session cumulated depth alarm
  • Surface Interval Factor (SIF)
  • Additional alarms: Dual depth, incremental depth, dive time interval, surface interval and ascent speed
  • Manual start

CCR Mode:

  • Fixed PPO2 algorithm
  • Two set-points and bailout

Swim Mode:

  • Stroke counter
  • Distance tracker


  • 4-second sampling (0.25 second for APNEA)
  • Non-volatile history
  • Up to 50 hour capacity 

Additional Information

Additional Information

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