Being able to see breathtaking marine life is an essential part of scuba diving or snorkelling. Fortunately, we stock a great range of prescription diving masks and bifocal lenses for scuba diving masks. Whether you are short-sighted or long-sighted, we have an excellent range of prescription diving masks to help you see clearly when in the water and enjoy your favourite hobby as you should.

Our range of prescription diving masks include the latest products from Scubapro and XDeep. These masks have the quality you would expect from a normal scuba diving mask, including watertight seals and comfortable straps for easy wear. Once you have selected a mask that will fit well, you can then select lenses that match your prescription for fuss-free diving.

Aquanauts offer free fitting of lenses when you buy a prescription diving mask so you can easily get into the water and enjoy all of the magical marine life around you. Should your prescription change, it's easy to swap lenses to a different pair, and you can always get in touch with our expert team for any advice and guidance you may require.