A high-quality wetsuit is an essential piece of equipment for anybody that wants to take their open water swimming to the next level. A good wetsuit keeps you warm and comfortable by trapping a small layer of water next to your skin, without restricting your range of motion as you swim through the water.

Aquanauts has carefully selected a range of the best open water swimming wetsuits for adults and children, perfect for the sea, cold water, and quick dips. When choosing yours, it's important to get the right thickness for your intended use. We stock a wide range, including 1.5mm and 3mm open water swimming wetsuits suitable for slightly milder conditions and fast swimmers, or 5mm options for colder water temperatures. Regardless of thickness, our range prioritises sporty cuts from top brands like Scubapro and Aquasphere.

Most of our wetsuits are constructed from durable neoprene, built to last for many swims and seasons. Features include easy-to-use YKK zips for quick changing and abrasion-resistant fabric for added durability. Want to learn more about the features of our fantastic open water swimming wetsuits? Browse the full range online today and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!