Once you've got a scuba diving wetsuit that suits the right conditions, you'll need to have a think about any other items of wetsuit equipment that may be necessary. Wetsuit boots, gloves and scuba diving hoods all enhance the scuba diving experience and offer additional levels of thermal protection which can be critical in especially cold conditions.

At Aquanauts, we only stock brands that we would use as divers ourselves. Our wetsuit boots and gloves are from the very best scuba diving brands on the market, so you are sure to find the latest Scubapro, Everflex, Aqualung, Fourth Element & Subgear products. You can choose the correct thickness to match your scuba diving wetsuit, with wetsuit gloves and boots available ranging from 3mm to 5mm to offer warmth and flexibility in equal measure.

To complete our collection of scuba diving wetsuit gear, we also have a great range of scuba diving hoods. A scuba diving hood is a must-have in cold water, creating a seal between your head and face. Explore the different options online today, including scuba diving hoods with insulated fleece lining for total comfort and protection.