Dive watches help you keep track of your movement and how long you have been under water when you venture out on a dive. They have been a staple piece of equipment for all abilities of scuba divers for years, and have rapidly evolved to include innovative technology and stylish features to really enhance your diving experience.

These dive watches look just as good during everyday wear, with timeless designs and fashionable features. There are different models available depending on the type of underwater use you are planning, with models water resistant up to 1000m!

We stock a great selection of dive watches and replacement batteries to keep you going for even longer. We have selected the most durable, comfortable and functional dive watches from top scuba diving brands. These underwater watches are also suitable for use during a huge range of alternative water activities, like snorkelling and open water swimming. Simply discuss your needs with the friendly Aquanauts team to find the best dive watch for you.