All About Aqua Points!

What are Aqua Points?
Aqua Points are a bit like supermarket club cards, they're our way of thanking you for shopping with us.  It's no secret we want you to shop with us and we want you to carry on shopping with!  As part of our endeavours to keep you with us we have Aqua Points!  

You get them for all sorts of things.  Buying dive kit, signing up for a course, referring people, or even for hopping on a boat and going diving!

Once you've got them you can then use them to save money on all the things you got them for in the first place!

You can see them on all the products on the website in green type.

 How do I get Aqua Points?

When you buy something, sign up for a course or book a dive you'll be asked if you want to set up an account.  If you do all your Aqua Points will be automatically added.  

If you pay for something without setting up an account (and you can set one up before or during the checkout process) we can't apply your points if you set one up later - although obviously all future points will be added!

 How do I view my point balance?

At the bottom right-hand side of any page on the website you will see a red button:


The number in the button is the number of points you have.

Click on the button and you will see how you can redeem them, how you can earn more (there are LOADS more things than just buying something from the website) and more detail on how many you have.


How do I redeem my points?
Points mean prizes! For every 1000 points you get a £5 voucher. A £10 is 2000 and … well you get the idea!

Just use the voucher code and type it into the voucher code box in the checkout bit of the website. Simples!

How many points I can earn?
As many as you like! Keep on saving if you want to! But we guarantee eventually you’ll buy something lush with them!

Do my points expire?
Easy answer here. No. Never. Unless of course you use them!

Some of my Points aren’t showing?
There can be lots of different reasons for this.  In the first case it might be because the ‘system’ hasn’t caught up.  Give it 24 hours and check again.  If they’re still not there drop us a line at

Some kinds of points need to be approved or have a waiting time.  For example if you’ve purchased something the points may not be allocated to you until after the ‘returns’ period is up (30 days from date of purchase).

My account balance has gone down - why?
You, or someone you referred, cancelled or returned a purchase.