Worried about your valuables when you're in the water? Want to start taking epic photographs of your swimming surroundings? Check out Aquanauts' amazing range of waterproof cases, perfect for swimming.

We have carefully selected a range of hard-wearing waterproof cases, including waterproof phone cases from Swimcell. Tried and tested in water up to 10m depth, these cases allow you to safely take your phone into the water with you and enjoy the peace of mind of having your phone close should you need it. The transparent waterproof shell allows continued use of your touchscreen

Our waterproof cases are also perfect for storing your other valuables when swimming, including your keys and wallet. Simply pop into the case when you leave the house, and there's no need to worry about leaving items on the shore or in the car.

There are different styles and designs available depending on how you prefer to hold onto your case. Many of our waterproof cases come with a handy adjustable strap that can go around your neck or wrist for easy access. Or, choose a waterproof armband to have your all-important items attached to your person at all times. Not sure which style to choose? Get in touch with the Aquanauts team for expert advice!