A 2nd stage regulator is a crucial component of a scuba diving setup. It is the element of your regulator that allows you to breathe underwater, delivering air from the scuba tank to your lungs via the 1st stage regulator. With Aquanauts' high performance range of 2nd stage regulators, you can be certain that you will enjoy smooth breathing and benefit from comfortable air quantities.

In our range of scuba diving regulators, we stock 2nd stages from all of the top scuba diving brands. You can browse the popular 2nd stage regulators from Apeks, Scubapro, and more! These products are designed to withstand harsh conditions and very cold water, with options to fully adjust the airflow for total comfort.

2nd stage regulators can be purchased on their own or as part of a complete scuba diving regulator set. The friendly and expert team of divers at Aquanauts are available to contact if you need any guidance on the best products for your diving needs.