Purchasing a mask and snorkel set is a great way to get introduced to snorkelling or try out new equipment for scuba diving on the surface. At Aquanauts, we stock a huge range of diving masks and snorkels to save you time searching for the right products. We also stock mask and snorkel sets for kids so that you can inspire future divers from an early age or try something new on holiday!

By purchasing a mask and snorkel set, you know that you have opted for two great diving essentials that are designed to work together. Many of our diving mask and snorkel packages also come with a convenient carry bag so that you can easily transport your diving equipment and neatly tuck it away when not in use. This makes our mask and snorkel sets easy to take away on holiday if you are thinking of trying recreational snorkelling.

The high-quality masks and snorkels in our sets are lightweight and durable to ensure that you can wear and use them comfortably. Browse from great brands including Aqualung and Scubapro today.