A dive compass is an essential navigation device for scuba divers - you should never be without one. By being able to navigate clearly and quickly underwater with a compass, you can concentrate on enjoying incredible marine life.

A good diving compass will be easy to carry, whether you want to carry it around your wrist or mount it to a depth gauge, and easy to read with a large and functional screen. Don't worry about spending lots of time trying to find diving compasses with the best features though, as Aquanauts have carefully selected a range of dive compasses that we'd be happy to use ourselves. This range includes dive compasses balanced for use in the northern hemisphere, ready for you to explore the UK and beyond.

If you get lost when trying to find the right compass for your scuba diving needs, don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert team who can talk you through the different products and help you to find a dive compass that suits your needs!