Complete your cold water diving kit with a drysuit undersuit. Our undersuits help to provide you with essential thermal protection when diving in cold conditions by trapping air to retain body heat. An undersuit is essential if you have a membrane drysuit, but can also have benefits under a wetsuit or neoprene drysuit.

Our range of diving undersuits includes products from Fourth Element, Scubapro and Apeks. We have a great selection to suit all thermal requirements and are available in all sizes and styles. Different thicknesses are also available, so you can be sure there is an undersuit available that is perfect for your next dive.

Included in our range of diving undersuits are leggings, long-sleeve tops, vest, socks and gloves. All of these retain body heat to give you an extra layer of insulation during cold dives. Made of specialist thermofiber fabric that is surprisingly lightweight without compromising on vital protection for your body.
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