Whether you're an advanced diver or a casual snorkeller, we have the perfect diving snorkel for you. Snorkels are essential for breathing naturally at the surface of the water, though the type you should choose will depend mostly on exactly how you intend to use it. The expert team of divers here at Aquanauts can help you select the right diving snorkel for your needs.

Diving snorkels come in different types, including dry snorkels. Dry snorkels are designed to minimise the amount of water that will get in the breathing tube should your diving snorkel be submerged. These types of snorkel are fitted with something called a float mechanism that closes when water enters to allow you to continue breathing at the surface even if you go deeper into the water or are in wave conditions.

Our range of diving snorkels is continually evolving to include the top scuba diving and snorkelling brands. On our wesite, you will find diving snorkels from Scubapro, Aqualung, Cressi and more!