There are all kinds of uses for diving reels and spools and having the right one for your scenario is really important. If you are towing a surface marker buoy (SMB) then you will need a reel to do so and a reel can also help divers to successfully and safely navigate a wreck.

Our range of diving reels are ideal for deploying a SMB when undertaking a deep dive, with different options that hold varying lengths to suit you. Because Aquanauts will only stock products that we would be happy to dive with ourselves, you can count on our diving reels to be durable and corrosion-resistant.

Diving reels have a secure fastening system, usually constructed from marine grade stainless steel to keep you safely fastened during the whole duration of your dive. If you want something really easy to use, opt for a reel that has a handle on the top to keep one of your hands-free to work the reel.