Our Commitment to Making a Difference

Since we first opened our doors in 2004 teaching diving to a high safety standard has always gone hand in hand with promoting how we as divers can do our part to protect the oceans that we love.  And that mission remains at the very heart of our business aims today.

Over the years with the help of our dive club members we've undertaken regular conservation projects including Sea Search dives, Dive Against Debris with monthly Ocean Clean ups and recently we've teamed up with the 2 Minute foundation to offer even more opportunities for us and our divers to take part in keeping our oceans clean and safe.

The focus on conservation remains the driving force behind Aquanauts training and each new diver is shown how they can become an advocate for the ocean along with enjoying our fantastic sport. We now make a £10 donation to Project Aware for each PADI Open Water diver we train, and almost all our dive training has moved to e-learning to reduce the resources needed to get people safely diving with us here in the UK. 

As well as offering training to schools and youth groups we have also worked closely with Plymouth University Scuba Society for many years.  Aquanauts has been running dive training and organising fun dives for these students, equipping the Ocean Conservationist and Environmental Engineers of the future with their first taste in underwater conservation and exploration right here in Plymouth.

It's not just underwater we are committed to making a difference, we've carried out an environmental impact assessment on ourselves as a business and taken measures to reduce that impact wherever possible. From switching to green products and energy, recycling, reusing paper and cardboard for packaging materials to streamlining business processes and taking as much online as possible to reduce unnecessary paperwork and waste.  We have a lot more planned and we continually review the changes we can put in place to ensure our environmental impact is as low as possible.

With our focus on conservation above as well as below the water we've started a monthly donation to Ecologi.  They plant trees and contribute to environmental projects on our behalf to offset the carbon footprint for each of our employees enabling us to become carbon positive.  And we couldn't do it without you, check out how supporting Aquanauts has enabled trees in the Amazon forest to remain protected and contributions to green energy production in Istanbul.  Wow what a start can't wait to see the projects Ecologi support for us in the coming months and years!

Finally as part of our commitment to making a positive change to our environment Aquanauts Charity of the Year in 2020 and 2021 is the Shark Trust they're a local charity with an international impact on shark conservation and education. We'll be collecting for them in store and organising charity fundraising events, sharing their news and projects and getting involved in their citizen science events.  We'd love you to help us support them so get in touch to find our more.

We know there is a lot more that can be done and we are constantly reassessing how we can reduce, reuse and recycle to lessen our environmental impact as well as looking how we and our divers can contribute to a healthier marine environment. Together we can make a difference and with your help Aquanauts is committed to being part of the positive change our planet needs.


Project Aware and Aquanauts Shark Trust and Aquanuats2 Min Foundation and Aquanauts