A scuba diving octopus is an essential piece of kit for any diver. An octopus regulator acts as your backup air supply in an emergency and remains attached to you at all times so that you can access it as quickly as possible if you ever need it.

An octopus will not only help you survive in an emergency but is also highly valuable for your diving partner or anybody that is in need or in danger. A scuba octopus works in a similar way to a 2nd stage regulator as it provides you with air via a mouthpiece to help you breathe underwater. They are brighter than your main regulator to help you stay visible in an emergency.

Our complete regulator sets include an octopus regulator, or you can purchase this vital bit of kit on its own if you need a spare or a replacement. Browse the full range of Octopus regulators from Scubapro, Apeks, Aqualung and more online at Aquanuauts today!