Dive Computers

A diving computer is an essential piece of scuba diving equipment for both beginners and advanced divers alike, telling you the time, current depth, and decompression times to keep you safe. At Aquanauts, we stock a range of the best dive computers to give you all of the key information you need to make accurate and informed decisions on your dive.

Our modern and innovative dive computers come from the top brands, including Aqualung, Scubapro, Suunto and Apeks. They come with features that make your dive computer easy to use and versatile, including Nitrox compatibility and Bluetooth, making connectivity easy no matter what kind of dive you are heading on or the type of location you are exploring.

There are different types of dive computers available. Most are wearable and a dive computer watch may be the most suitable for you if you are looking for great portability and convenience. Our expert team of divers are always happy to talk you through the different models and features, whether you are keen on app connectivity or want to explore the most robust dive computers.
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