Surface marker buoys (SMBs) are an essential safety tool for all scuba divers. They are bright devices that easily display where you are to other divers, and water users including boat traffic. We stock a huge selection of surface marker buoys here at Aquanauts, so you can be sure that you can we have a suitable SMB for your intended use.

In our range of surface marker buoys, you will find a variety of different colour options for ample visibility. The bright colours we have chosen, including orange, red, and yellow, are all easy to see on the surface of the water though you can also choose to add a flag to boost visibility further. Along with these different colours, Aquanauts also stock different shape SMBs, including round and slim options in a range of sizes.

When choosing a new surface marker buoy, think carefully about how you intend to inflate it. Some SMBs are easily inflated orally. Other SMBs may use an inflator hose or an alternative air source.