Discover Plymouth National Marine Park with Aquanauts

Did you know that Aquanauts is located in Plymouth Sound, the UK’s first National Marine Park, part of National Parks?

Plymouth waters are part of a larger process to protect, conserve and connect people with the ocean and at Aquanauts we are committed to helping more divers experience it underwater 


But why is Plymouth Sound important? 

Plymouth waters hold an abundance of marine life, like the beautiful protected pink sea fan and seagrass beds which are home to native Seahorses. The Sound is home to a variety of exciting marine life such as dogfish, rays, cuttlefish, sunfish, seals and dolphins. The National Marine Park (NMP) covers an area of 6,357 hectares and includes the Plymouth Sound and Estuaries MPA,  home to a wide range of habitats and species, many of which are special, rare and protected. Rich in maritime heritage Plymouth Sound NMP, delivers a range of initiatives to help connect people with the Marine Park.

For divers, you'll get to experience an underwater world like none other, not only the many marine species, but diving on its wrecks and reefs you get a chance to step back in time, cannons, shipwrecks and long-forgotten cargo have been taken back by the sea. Beautiful topography of underwater reefs, shaped by the sea. Unlike many dive areas, Plymouth Sound dive sites are varied and accessible by both shore or boat making this the perfect location for all levels of diver. 

What are you waiting for, it’s time to experience the underwater world of the UK’s first National Marine Park!

For more information about the NMP visit: and about the protected habitats and species visit

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