Night diving - amazing or scary?

May 07, 2021 2 min read

Night diving - amazing or scary?

Most of the time we dive during the day, but by doing so we are missing out on an entirely new world.  And whilst day time diving is fantastic there is so much to see if you dive at night that you will never ever see during the day.

Yes SEE! No it's not pitch black and in fact quite often you can see better than you can see during the day.

In fact night diving doesn't even have to be at night - an hour after dusk is considered night diving.  As is the early morning. So you don't have to wait till midnight to jump in an enjoy!

Why would I night dive?

Dive a dive site in the day; you see loads of amazing things and have a great time. Go back to that dive site (the exact same one) at dusk (or night) and you will see a COMPLETELY new site.  You will see marine life that only comes out at night. You will see colours you never see during the day 

 Wrecks that appear grey or a dull brown colour during the day are red and orange at night!





Night diving varies from day diving.  It's more serene, calmer and you tend to use less air and stay in a much smaller area.  It's incredibly relaxing yet exciting and stimulating - all at the same time!

 Whilst (thanks to their torch) you can see your buddy much more easily, at the same time it can feel like you are diving alone.

OK so what do I need to be able to night dive?

First and foremost it's best to get qualified!  Do the Night Diver Speciality. This will teach you proper techniques, how to use your torch for signalling, safe diving practices and what to look for and consider generally when diving at night.

Next consider your kit. 

Obviously you need a torch.  Actually you need two. This is an absolute must not just a nice-to-have option. If your first fails you will most definitely need a back up.


Surprisingly you don't need a massively bright searchlight style torch. Too bright and you stand to not only blind your buddy but also get too much bounce-back.

The next most important bit of lit is a compass.  That might not immediately spring to mind when you think of night diving but you may find that navigating isn't as easy at night as during the day.  Take a bearing before you dive so you know how to get back to the boat or start point. 


And the best bit of night diving?

The stuff that glows!  Most people don't realise that even in the UK we get bioluminescence. Turn off your torch, waggle your hands around and watch the water glimmer.  It is utterly magical.

Not only do you see it dancing in the water you'll see it on the life going past you. Cuttlefish gleam, comb jellies are neon and jewel anemones are radiant.


Night diving is like nothing on earth. It's surreal.

Dale Spree
Dale Spree

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