Save that dive

May 21, 2021 3 min read

Save that dive

No dive for the sake of an O ring?

Have you ever had a fin strap break? Or an annoying hiss from your first stage? Or perhaps a mask clip break? Or maybe a mouthpiece fall apart? Nothing overly scary but all things that unless you have a spare, will stop you diving.

The dive community is great.  Complete strangers will offer you kit and help you to fix things.  But it's so much better to be able to sort you own kit swiftly and easily. And even better to be the one able to help others. 

So here I'm going to run through the absolute basics you really need if you're going to stop those little irritants prevent you from diving.  

But before I start a couple of things to make very, very clear:

Firstly do NOT try and service your own kit. This should be done by trained people ONLY.  

Secondly if in any doubt about your kit do NOT dive.

This blog is about things you can do yourself - simple easy stuff that doesn't require any special training.  Most of the things you need you can get by clicking here, or call the shop to ask for advice.

The basic things you will need (and what for):

O rings. Various sizes to fit your regs. O rings are all over a reg set but the only ones you need to worry about are the ones on the DIN (or A Clamp) part of the first stage and the ones that fit the low pressure and high pressure ports.

Allen keys. If you want to change where a hose comes from you're going to need an Allen key.  Ideally get a few different sizes.  Some of the scuba tools will come with multiple sizes.

Cable ties.  These can sort a multiple of issues - on a temporary basis only.  Attaching a mouthpiece, holding together a fin strap or a mask even securing your spa.  As long as you aren't preventing gear being taken off in an emergency then a cable tie can definitely save that dive!

Dental picks. Huh???  Yes dental picks. Try getting an old O ring out of a DIN fitting and you'll discover why!  Some of the scuba tools come with a hook designed just for this purpose.

Adjustable spanners- 2 of them. if you want to tighten a loose hose or adjust a cylinder band you're going to need a small spanner and often you need 2 to gain opposing force.

Double ended bolt snap (clips). One off the most useful things - ever. Anything you want to attach to your BCD or wing - camera., SPG, torch, DSMB, reel etc etc etc. Always have at least 1 spare. 

Mouth Piece.Have a spare and a cable tie that fits it - make sure the mouthpiece is one that fits your reg set as they come on different sizes and types.. 

Fins Strap and clip. If you haven't yet invested in spring-clip fin straps it's a great idea to do so and they don't break!  However if you haven't you'll need spare straps and clips - ones that fit your fins!
Mask straps and spare parts. As well as a spare mask strap you will also want a spare clip and the little fiddly spindle that the strap goes through. And I'd recommend a spare mask. Definitely. But that should be in your pocket not your tool kit!
Neoprene glue. It won't keep your dry suit or wetsuit alive forever but it'll keep you warm/dry on the next dive.
I started many years ago with a Beaver Save-a-Dive Kit and to this day still have one in my boat bag.  They are brilliant.  From there I got a multi-tool and a mini tool kit.  These covered just about every need I had at the time (one Christmas the other half did give the biggest bag of multi-sized multi coloured cable ties I've ever seen - such romantic eh?!!). 
These type of things are a great place to start and you can build your spares and tools from there as you get more experienced and knowledgeable about your kit.  
In the meantime build up the basics and think about doing the PADI Equipment Specialist Course.  This will give you the chance to talk through how to look after your kit and what you can and cannot do yourself!
Dale Spree
Dale Spree

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