2022’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Scuba Divers Under £100 From Aquanauts

November 22, 2022 5 min read

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Looking for the perfect gift for the scuba diver in your life? We’ve got you covered! Here at Aquanauts, we’ve got plenty of fun and practical gift ideas for scuba divers that don’t need to involve you breaking the bank. From the best fins and masks to some of our favourite and most handy diving accessories, these are our top 10 Christmas gifts for scuba divers 2022:

Beuchat Diving Mask

Black Friday Price £53.10, RRP £59.00

A comfortable and reliable mask is an absolute must for any diver. Included as part of our Black Friday scuba deals, the Beuchat Masks which are available in a range of colours, make the perfect gifts for scuba divers. Made from high grade silicone, these dive masks feature a super low profile which creates an outstanding panoramic vision, enabling the diver to take in more of the ocean around them. Benefitting from an amazingly comfortable fit, the Beuchat Mask is available in the likes of yellow, blue, black, orange, grey and pink - whatever suits their individual style!

Typhoon Storm Youths Wetsuit

Black Friday Price £45.99, RRP £59.95

If you’re looking for gift inspiration for kids who love to scuba dive then the Typhoon Storm Youths Wetsuit is an excellent choice. 2.8mm in thickness, this is the ideal entry level wetsuit for a variety of watersports including snorkeling, paddleboarding, sea swimming, and of course scuba diving. Featuring a comfortable flat lock seam design, the wetsuit is highly durable and benefits from reinforced powertex knees and a back zip entry system. Smooth skin mesh front and back panels further enhance the comfort and performance of this practical kids’ wetsuit.

Scubapro FS2 Dive Compass

Sale Price £79.19, RRP 88.00

Scubapro FS2 Dive Compass

Give them the gift of accurate navigation this Christmas with this advanced dive compass from Scubapro. A highly luminous dial makes for easy reference in low light conditions, which is particularly useful for night dives, whilst a side view window enables precise bearing when swimming. High up among our top 10 Christmas gifts under £100 in 2022, the diving wrist compass is graduated in 10 degree increments for accurate navigation and is available with a wrist strap or in a boot, with or without a retractor to suit the diver’s individual preferences.

Orca Dive Torch

RRP £44.95 & £85.95

The Orca D560 and D520 are also among our top 10 Christmas gifts for scuba divers. Torches are incredibly useful pieces of kit for helping divers see the underwater world around them more clearly. This is particularly important for diving in murky waters or at night, however it’s also useful for spotting marine life or potential hazards during the day. Both practical gifts under £100, these torches have a depth rate up to 150 meters and are made using a corrosion resistant construction. The D560 has a light output of up to 630 lumens, whilst the slightly more expensive D520 has a light output of up to 100 lumens.

Apeks RK3 Diving Fins

Sale Price £95.00, RRP £125.00

The Apeks RK3 Fins are a brand new set of fins that have been designed alongside the US military, made from thermoplastic rubber to provide great power and efficiency in the water, whilst ensuring maximum durability. The compound used is slightly softer than other fins making them much springier, and providing a little more ‘snap’ on the down stroke. Spring straps make it easy to get the fins on and off, whilst a firm blade with a good sized foot pocket further enhances comfortable access, even when using drysuit boots. Priced just below the £100 mark this is one of the most practical scuba diving gifts for him or her that all diving enthusiasts are bound to love.

Beuchat Explorer HD Bag - 114 Litres

Black Friday Price £89.99, RRP £129.00

Beuchat Explorer HD Bag - 114 Litres

The Beuchat Explorer HD Bag is another one of our gifts under £100 as part of the Black Friday sale. Providing ample space for storing and transporting diving essentials, the Explorer HD Bag is made from 1000 deniers tarpaulin material that’s extremely durable, and is complemented by a secure welded seam. A U-shaped double cursor zip fastener provides easy access, whilst an additional zippered pocket provides secure storage for keys and/or papers for under flap protection.

DIR Zone Cuthero Line Cutter

RRP £31.94

Another practical choice among our top 10 gifts for scuba divers in 2022 is a line cutter. This is an essential piece of kit for all divers to carry in case they need to cut through lines or other entanglements in case of emergencies - they’re also useful for sports like sailing, climbing and skydiving. The DIR Zone Cuthero Line Cutter is arguably the sharpest and most durable safety line cutter out there. The clean cut ceramic blade is capable of slicing through almost anything, and the line cutter comes with a handy harness pouch and a spare ceramic blade. There are a range of various colour options to suit different individuals.

Apeks Wetnotes

Sale Price £36.99, RRP £52.00

Communicating underwater can be hard which is why the ability to write notes underwater is essential for any professional diver. One of the most thoughtful gifts for scuba divers that dive professionally, Apeks Wetnotes contains a 23 page reusable and replaceable underwater notebook, encased in a durable ballistic nylon outer cover with a solid graphite pencil attached.The pages contain 3 blank deco tables, whilst two transparent pockets can accommodate deco tables, compass and cutting devices. Snug enough to fit in a pocket, this practical accessory also comes with a 316 stainless steel double ended bolt snap.

XS Scuba Dry Five Dive Gloves

Sale Price £66.95, RRP £72.95

XS Scuba Dry Five Dive Gloves

These gloves are definitely one to add to your list of Christmas gifts for scuba divers for those who dive in cold water. Ideal for supporting the thermal properties of wearing a drysuit, the Scuba Dry Five Dive Gloves are made from ultra supple 5mm neoprene to prevent cold hands! A key feature of these particular dive gloves is the reinforced sealed seams and twin cuff that make the gloves water tight, allowing minimal water ingress when worn with a drysuit. Packaged in a cool mesh bag, these gloves function as a great stocking filler or as a thoughtful main present in their own right.

Amazing Diving Stories Book

RRP £12.99

If you’re looking for thoughtful gifts for scuba divers that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, this insightful book is a great option. Finding the best gift ideas for scuba divers doesn’t necessarily need to mean buying scuba diving equipment. This insightful book is bound to be a great read for any fans of the ocean, containing classic tales of diving, from thrilling wreck discoveries to encounters with the bizarre and the beautiful. The author John Bantin takes readers all over the globe, with epic tales of adventure at every corner.

For more ideas on the best Christmas gifts for divers that are under £100, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Aquanauts team. If you really feel like splashing out, you can also take a look at our Top 10 High End Christmas Gifts For Divers 2022. Really not sure what to look for? Why not let your loved one choose exactly what they want with an Aquanauts gift card!
Alem Al-Khamiri
Alem Al-Khamiri

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