10 Scuba Diving Gifts That Are Perfect Stocking Fillers

December 08, 2022 4 min read

person dressed as Santa Claus scuba diving

Find the perfect gift for the diver in your life without spending a fortune this festive season, with our top 10 scuba stocking fillers. From essential winter dive accessories to some of our most practical gadgets, this list contains special scuba diving gifts for divers of all abilities.

DIR Zone Cuthero Ceramic Cutter

RRP £31.94

Sale Price £29.99

Kicking off our scuba diving stocking fillers for 2022 is this practical ceramic blade line cutter. One of the sharpest and most durable safety line cutters available, this handy piece of kit comes with a compact harness pouch and spare ceramic blade. It’s also available in a range of colours so that you can find the perfect match for the diver in your life. Aside from its use in diving, this practical gift is useful for a whole range of other sports including sailing, climbing and skydiving. 

DIR zone cuthero ceramic cutter

Orca Torches (D530, D520, D560)

RRP £108.95, £89.95, £44.95

Sale Prices £99.99, £79.99, £42.95

A high quality torch is an essential piece of kit for any diver, and the Orca range of torches never fails to deliver on durability and output. The Orca Torch D530 is new for 2022 and uses a titanium alloy side switch that offers two lighting modes - the high mode features a 1300 lumen output, whilst the low mode has a 380 lumen output. Easy to operate, the torch also benefits from an 8 degree super focus beam angle. The D560 and D520 are equally reliable, benefitting from aircraft grade aluminium construction and rechargeable batteries. The main difference between these three torches is the lumen output - the D520 features a 1000 lumens output, whilst the D560 features a 630 lumens output. 

Fourth Element Arctic Socks

RRP £32.00

One of our top scuba diving gifts that works perfectly as a stocking filler for cold water divers (a.k.a anyone who dives in UK seas!), these high performance arctic socks are made from moisture wicking material. The material works to draw moisture away from the skin, helping to make divers warmer and more comfortable. Low bulk for a lightweight design, the socks benefit from two layers of insulation for enhanced protection from the elements. The inner layer of the sock can be pulled out, allowing damp socks to dry out more quickly. 

XS Scuba Stainless Steel Star Tool

RRP £57.95

Another one of the best scuba diving gifts that’s the perfect size to fit in a stocking is this innovative star tool. Essential for fixing loose hose fittings or valves, this compact star tool is made from durable stainless steel that prevents rusting, and features four spanner heads that are perfect for any size diving hose. The star points are made up of three individually sized allen keys, with the fourth star point consisting of a valve hand wheel driver. Its sleek design makes it easy to store in any dive bag and transport alongside other kit. 

stainless steel star tool on a white background

Beaver Save A Dive Kit

RRP £17.50

Carrying spares is crucial when scuba diving, and the Beaver Save A Dive Kit contains the most essential spares in one compact tube. This includes a rubber fin strap, O-rings, mask strap, regulator/snorkel mouthpiece, snorkel holder, mask pins and zip ties. A must-have among our top 10 scuba diving gifts for a stocking, the kit is sealed with rubber caps and can be stored compactly in any dive bag. There’s also some space leftover for extra small tools like allen keys or an O-ring pick. 

Fourth Element Xerotherm Beanie Hat

RRP £28.00

We couldn’t talk about our best scuba diving gifts for stocking fillers without mentioning this high performance beanie hat from Fourth Element. The fastest wicking thermal base layer on the market, this is the ultimate baselayer that has been made using Polartec® Powerstretch® originally developed for NASA . The Xerotherm traps a layer of air creating an exceptional level of insulation whilst keeping the wearer drier and more comfortable. The range is designed to be worn under another undersuit or on its own under a neoprene drysuit. 

Apeks Small Dry Bag Phone Case

RRP £21.00

Sale Price £20.00

This small roll top dry bag is a must-have for keeping your phone and other valuables, such as keys, dry, secure and close to hand when on a dive boat. Providing protection from damp and spray with a roll top TPU construction, you can still use the phone whilst it's in the case as the casing is touch sensitive. The bag can be carried hands free, over the shoulder or around the waist using the handy hip mount system. One of our top scuba diving gifts for the festive season, this is also a fantastic gift for any water sports fans. 

Sea Drops

RRP £6.50

If you’re looking for scuba diving gifts to throw in a stocking that aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg then sea drops are the perfect choice. Simple yet effective, sea drops prevent dive masks from becoming foggy, providing divers with a crystal clear view of the water. The perfect stocking sized gift for divers, why not gift the sea drops alongside some new mask straps to help them explore the underwater world more comfortably. 

Beaver Bees Wax

RRP £3.45

Another idea for stocking fillers and scuba diving gifts that won’t break the bank is bees wax. This is a really practical piece of kit for helping divers get in and out of drysuits and wetsuits with ease. The wax lubricates and protects the dry suit zips, helping users get changed more quickly and effortlessly. This £3.45 wax from Beaver is made using 100% pure beeswax, meaning it’s free from any nasty chemicals or additives that are harmful to the environment. It comes as a stick making it easy to apply to zips. 

Waterhaul Sunglasses

RRP £74

Made from 100% recycled materials, the Waterhaul sunglasses are one of our most unique and sustainable diving presents for 2022. The frames are made from fishing nets whilst the lenses are made from recyclable mineral glass optics. Good for the planet as well as your pocket, the frames are guaranteed for life with returned frames shredded and put straight back into the recycling loop. Featuring a stylish design, there are a range of colour options available to suit different styles. 

Waterhaul glasses on a white background

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Lizzie Chapman
Lizzie Chapman

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