Behind the scenes at AQ HQ

November 24, 2021 2 min read

Behind the scenes at AQ HQ

Over the summer, we have been tirelessly working on updating our website behind the scenes to produce a much more user friendly interface for booking your diving. 

We are very excited to tell you, that it is now LIVE

This update has been applied to all course bookings, days diving, charters and more. It's as simple as this!

First - Select either "Go diving" or "Courses" from the dropdown navigation menu located on the banner of our website. 

AQ Homepage

Once you have navigated to the course or diving that you are looking to enrol on, you will be shown our brand new layout! It's simple, crisp and clean, already telling you available dates that you can book on. 

Open Water Course page

When selecting your course, you will encounter a drop down menu. At Aquanauts, we have different tiers of our courses which can easily be seen within the menu, the price is also included. This way, you know exactly what you are getting for the price you're saving! Select the tier you want, for winter diving we definitely recommend taking a drysuit speciality! 

Next, select the date that you wish to enrol on your course (or book your diving days). These dates are constantly updating behind the scenes, so if a course or boat is full - you can't over book it!

Select your packageSelect your date

After selecting the date that you wish, press the "Next" button - This will take you to the second part of our booking steps. Here, we link you to our T's & C's, where once you have read and agreed, click to confirm you are happy to continue with your booking. 

We will need your email address and DOB, this way we can register you with PADI ASAP, allowing you to receive your eLearning in a much shorter time - getting you into the action sooner!

Enter your email and DOB 

That's it! How simple was that?! From here on out, you can either continue shopping, finding yourself that perfect diving piece, or you can just continue to checkout. 


Thank you for taking the time to stay up to date with us, we are constantly trying to improve our user interface to make things as easy as possible for you, the customer. If you experience any problems or bugs whilst using this new system, please let us know so we can constantly update and keep on-top of any issues for you. 

- AQ Team 


Sam Brunsdon
Sam Brunsdon

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