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We’re proud to announce that we have been extremely busy behind the scenes of AQ HQ where we have teamed up with @CuttlefishConservationInitative to become our registered charity for 2022! Here at AQ HQ we are always looking to help our marine environment any way we can, by choosing to support local marine charities we can invest our time and resources back into Plymouth Sound and beyond. 

Without further delay, we'll pass straight over to the CCI team for their first featured blog! 


"Cuttlefish Conservation Initiative (CCI) is the first registered UK charity that is dedicated to the conservation of cuttlefish. CCI first came about as a university MSc project, when a group of marine conservation students were set the challenge of coming up with an idea for a charity focused on the conservation of a marine species or habitat. Shocked by the lack of regulation of the cuttle fishery and passionate about the conservation of these amazing creatures, CCI was born."

(Photo credit: Paul Naylor)

Why cuttlefish?

Cuttlefish are mesmerising creatures well known for their intelligence, captivating camouflage and vibrant displays. Found in waters around the UK, particularly the south west, the common cuttlefish plays a vital role in the marine environment. The cuttlefish fishery supports local jobs and boosts coastal economies; however, landings of common cuttlefish have doubled over the last decade and there are early indications that overfishing is occurring. Cuttlefish consumption has increased in recent years, with demand likely to continue to increase.

UK cuttlefish are caught predominantly by trawlers in their offshore over wintering grounds- meaning that many are captured before the breeding season, therefore stunting replenished stocks. This is unregulated and unmanaged. Every spring high numbers of cuttlefish gather inshore to lay their eggs. Cuttlefish eggs are often laid on inshore pots and damaged when these pots are hauled up. The common cuttlefish is now on the MCS Good Fish Guide red list as a species to avoid.

(Photo credit: Paul Naylor)

What's next?

CCIs vision is to create a sustainable future for cuttlefish. Through working in partnership with fishers, research institutes such as the Marine Biological Association, and collaborating with organisations like Aquanauts, CCI hopes to conduct research and collect data to inform policy. Through collaborative research and supporting sustainable fishing practices, CCI hopes to ensure the longevity of one of our most enigmatic marine species. 


CCI is thrilled to be collaborating with Aquanauts! With your help CCI hope to record sightings of cuttlefish during dives to start to build our knowledge of cuttlefish distribution in the south west. Happy cuttlefish spotting!


To learn more about cuttlefish and the work that the CCI are doing head to social media:

Instagram @cuttlefishconservation 

Twitter @cuttle_cons 

Facebook @CuttlefishConservationInitative