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Booking Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Dive Courses

Thank you for booking a course with us, please be aware that the following terms and conditions apply to all dive courses from all agencies that we offer.

Learning Agreement

1. In order that you have a fun and safe time you will be required to fully read your manuals or complete your e-learning before your start date
2. All of our courses have an element of home study or “Knowledge Reviews” all of these must be completed before your course starts.
3. If you have not completed the necessary work your course may need to be rescheduled with the loss of any deposit already paid.
4. Your medical form needs to be completed prior to the course start date, if you answer yes to any question, please download the medical form from our website, your doctor will need to sign you as fit to dive before your course starts.

Payments and cancellations 

5. To book a place online full payment is required, if booking in store we require a non-refundable deposit of £150.
6. The balance of your course is due 2 weeks prior to your start date, if this is not received we reserve the right to reschedule your dates.
7. Your deposit is non-refundable, we recommend that you take out your own insurance to cover any cancellation.
8. Changes and/or cancellations to course dates will not be accepted once you have booked the course and dates have been agreed, except at the sole discretion of Aquanauts Ltd.
9. Where the full course price has been paid, cancellations made in writing 7 days before the start date will be refunded less the £150 deposit. Within 7 days no refund will be made.
10. Failure to attend a course at the time and date agreed will result in loss of monies relating to that day, please see point 12.
11. We cannot be liable should you fall ill during your course, please see point 12.
12. Any extra days or expenditure required to complete the course shall be the sole responsibility of the student at a rate of £75 per day, plus any boat and gas expenses.

Terms and Conditions for Hard Boat Charters


Decision as to the weather will rest with the skipper and will be made at 5pm the day before the charter starts.

  • If the weather is too bad to dive and the Skipper calls the dive then a full refund is given.
  • If the weather is marginal but the skipper feels we can dive outside the breakwater safely but the charterer cancels the dive then the full charter fee is due for each day the charterer cancels.
  • If the weather is marginal but the group and skipper decide to put to sea but fail to dive then the group pays £100 for the day plus £1 for each mile travelled to cover diesel and skipper costs. A refund for the balance is given.


A booking is not final without the boat charter booking form being completed and a 50% deposit received. If you have to cancel a charter, please let us know as soon as possible and we will make every effort to find an alternative date. However if this is not possible you are still liable for the charter fee, we advise that groups should take out holiday insurance to cover the full cost of the trip should you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Final Payment

Full payment is due before putting to sea on the first day of the charter

Dive Conduct

All dives must conform to BSAC, SAA or PADI standards. You must appoint a named Dive Officer who shall take sole responsibility for all diving activities, ensuring the dive sites chosen are within the groups capabilities, and be the primary contact with the skipper. A prominent SMB must be used on all drift dives, there must be at least one DSMB per buddy pair. No diver may enter the water without the express permission of the skipper. 



Aquanauts Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever for an accident, damage, loss or injury, however caused effecting the charterer, his/her party or their belongings. Charter parties should be covered by their own personal accident and equipment insurance.