Aquanauts' Snorkelling Tips For Beginners

September 01, 2023 4 min read

Aquanauts' Snorkelling Tips For Beginners

Whether you’re heading off on a beach holiday or hunting for ways to explore the ocean without having to don all of your scuba gear, why not give snorkelling a go? Snorkelling is generally a very beginner-friendly activity, offering unmissable chances to get a glimpse at fascinating marine life from surface level. However, despite not requiring much training or equipment, preparation is still important. Follow these 8 simple snorkelling tips for beginners and you’ll be safely discovering the world beneath the waves in no time.

1. Get The Right Kit

Snorkelling is super affordable, with less specialist equipment and training required to get started in comparison to scuba diving. However, there are still a few snorkelling essentials that you’ll need to get your hands on as a beginner. Make sure to invest in a well-fitting mask with comfortable seams, a snorkel, for beginners we reccomend a splash guard and some flexible fins. You can generally pick up these bits of kit at reasonable prices or in sets and we stock a complete range ofsnorkelling essentials here at Aquanauts, including multi-functional snorkels from top brands likeCressi.

2. Adjust Your Equipment Properly

Once you’ve got the right kit, you’re halfway there. However, it’s just as important to make sure that your snorkelling gear is correctly fitted. Try on your mask, to ensure it has a good seal, hold the mask to your face and take a bit deep breath in, holding your breath for a second, it should stay on your face if correctly sized, two big or small and it will simply fall off. Next ajust the straps to create a comfortable fit, make sure that it sits close to the face but not so tightly that you are uncomfortable and then try your fins, if they have straps ensure you ajust them on dry land to ensure a good fit. Once this snorkelling tip for beginners is completed, it’s time to get stuck into the fun part!

3. Practice Your Breathing

Though no specific qualifications are required to try snorkelling, it’s still a sensible idea to practice before you venture out into open water. If you have easy access to a local swimming pool, we suggest taking your snorkel and mask for a spin to get used to the new way of breathing. Swim a couple of lengths to adjust to the sensation and then you’ll be ready to get stuck into snorkelling in deeper and natural waters.

4. Choose The Right Location

One of the advantages of snorkelling is that you can have a go in almost any location where it’s safe to swim. Once you’ve got comfortable with your equipment in a pool setting, head to a beach with clear and shallow waters. While we advise against finding somewhere completely off the beaten track, it’s always wise for snorkelling beginners to choose locations and times that are relatively quiet so that you can get used to being out in the open without the distractions and possible dangers posed by large crowds.

5. Find A Buddy

Even if you would consider yourself an experienced swimmer, make sure that you snorkel with a buddy. The snorkelling experience is always better when shared with others, and it’s much safer this way too. Before you enter the water, make sure everyone in your group has an agreed method of communication or emergency signal and keep checking in with each other throughout the experience.

6. Protect Your Body

Snorkelling is best enjoyed in clear and sunny conditions, but this does mean you’ll need to think about how best to protect your body. A natural snorkelling position tends to mean that your back, neck and shoulders will all be exposed to the sun’s natural UV rays so remember to wear plenty of suncream and reapply this regularly when in and out of the water. For additional protection, you could also consider wearing a snorkelling wetsuit. A 3mm thickness should provide you with comfortable warmth and a full range of motion.

7. Stay Relaxed

It’s totally natural to feel a little anxious when you’re still getting used to having your head underwater for long periods of time. When you first get into the water, keep your focus on your breathing and staying calm. By following this essential snorkelling tip for beginners, you’ll be able to quickly relax into a steady and natural breathing rhythm and simultaneously enjoy the marine life around you. If you do feel too overwhelmed to continue, don’t panic. Just signal to your buddy and gently return to the surface of the water.

8. Show Respect

Our final snorkelling tip for beginners is to show respect to the marine life around you. Remember that when you snorkel you are entering the habitat of some amazing and often rare marine life and you must show respect to this environment. Maintain a sensible distance from wildlife, resist the urge to touch or move anything you encounter, and leave no trace both in and out of the water. 

If you require any advice when it comes to choosing the require equipment before you dive into the world of snorkelling, make sure you get in touch with the Plymouth-based team at Aquanauts. We can discuss your experience and aims to help you find the perfect snorkelling gear.

Noeleen Smith
Noeleen Smith

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