Valentine‚Äôs Day Gift Guide for Divers ūüíĆ

February 07, 2024 3 min read

Valentine‚Äôs Day Gift Guide for Divers ūüíĆ



Valentine’s Day is a blur of heart-shaped candy and balloons and it can be hard to find a way to express your love, without it appearing gimmicky. But for those of us whose significant other is a diver, we are about to make your decision-making easier with our ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Divers.


Fourth Element Storm Poncho


If you are planning a romantic February dive, we expect it will be pretty chilly back at the surface. So why not warm your loved one’s heart and core body temp, with the super stylish  Fourth Element Storm Poncho? It’s wind and waterproof so will keep your loved one dry from the elements while you watch the sun go down on the beach in true rom-com style. For added Valentine’s appeal this unisex poncho also comes in red.

Great British Marine Animals 4th Edition

A book is always a thoughtful, budget-friendly gift and the  Great British Marine Animals Guide  is a classic. Any UK Diver will tell you that this is one of the best ID guides, with beautiful photographs and descriptions of our native UK marine life, you can spend some quality time together with your partner identifying what you have spotted on recent dives.

 For bonus gift points, the author Paul Naylor is a local diver to Aquanauts and he has very kindly signed copies of the book. Snap this one up fast, as we know this is going to be a popular choice



Sealife Sportdiver Underwater Housing For Smart Phones

Looking to capture the ultimate underwater couples selfie? The  Sealife Sportdiver Underwater Housing For Smart Phones makes your phone an underwater camera and works with most models of *Android & iPhone 7 and up.  A free app captures photos and videos directly to your smartphone and also lets you control advanced camera settings, like zoom, lens selection, exposure, focus, white balance, tint, RAW capture, live Photo and background blur.

Time to take your Instagram grid to the next level with some underwater pics.!



Scubapro Mk25 D420 Regulator Set With S270 Octopus

Ok, we know that a regulator may not immediately spell romance but this  Scupapro Mk 25 D420 Regulator set comes with a Scubapro S270 octo, meaning that on dives with your loved one, you know that you are in safe hands should you need emergency air. What says romance more than literally sharing the air you breathe? We should also mention this is currently on sale for the reduced price of only £796.50! 



Sunnto Novo D4i and Transmitter - Limited Offer

Looking to impress? A dive computer is not just for Valentine’s, it’s a gift that will be worn for years to come.  Simple, precise, reliable, whether you are free diving, or scuba diving using air or nitrox, the Suunto  D4i  Novo has your loved one covered. Currently on offer for just £395 (RRP £670), this computer also comes with an air transmitter meaning you can keep track of your air through your computer at the same time as your NDL.

This limited offer is so good we’d be surprised if you didn’t snap one up for yourself at the same time!


If you have not been inspired by our top Valentine’s gift ideas why not check out the rest of of our online gear options to help you find the right gift for every budget, or speak to a member of the team who will be happy to advise.  

Happy Valentines ūüíĆ

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas

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