Welcome to our New Home

July 06, 2020 2 min read

Welcome to our New Home

We've used our time during the lock down for reflection, planning and change!  Those that live locally or follow us on Facebook will know we've already announced one major change…  the complete refurbishment of the outside of the Dive Centre.  We’re now bright and colourful; covered in underwater images (you can’t miss us) and there's certainly no question that we are a Dive Centre (we have spent many years being asked if we sell fishing tackle so hopefully the new store image will put paid to that!)

Not only was it time for an outside refresh but we figured it was also time for the website to have a little makeover of its own.  We hope you like our new home, we’re certainly pleased with it and it will be an on going project to make sure we are answering all your questions and showing you the best dives, courses and products we can.  There are new sections on Snorkelling, Freediving and Technical these are products we have always stocked but we just haven’t shouted about it before.  New lines will continue to be added to these and our Scuba section and the improvements will just keep coming so make sure you check back regularly to see what’s been happening.

We've also added sections to let you get to know us a little better, as let’s face it most of us can be a little curious about who the people are behind the scenes of our favourite brands.  We’ve added a Meet the Team section so you can find out just who you’re dealing with when you pick up the phone or pop in to say hi.  Our Story which lets you know where Aquanauts came from and why we’re here in the first place and finally Our Mission which tells you what’s important to us and the business changes we’re making to help make our planet a little healthier (and how you can join in too)

And it’s not just the website we’ve made changes to; the Dive Courses have also been upgraded to reflect the need to minimise the environmental impact of our courses wherever possible.  We’ve moved some of our PADI training over to e-learning with more to follow.  This means we will no longer be handing out training manuals which will end up sitting untouched at the back of the bookshelf (or abandoned in our classroom as many have been) Now the theory can be completed at home via the PADI e-learning portal online.  It also allows us to eliminate the group classroom sessions for the majority of our courses, so less risk to our students too.  More courses will be added to our e-learning offering as PADI moves them online and we’ll let you know as they do.

So that’s it for now but I think we’ll make the blogging a regular occurrence to keep you guys up to date with what’s going on.  Thanks for visiting our new site and if you’d like to hear more from us just click the red button and sign up

Talk again soon!

Noeleen Smith
Noeleen Smith

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