Why Should You Go Scuba Diving In Plymouth?

July 19, 2023 4 min read

Why Should You Go Scuba Diving In Plymouth?

It can be easy to overlook diving spots close to home, particularly if you live in the UK and the lure of a dive abroad keeps pulling you in. However, UK shores are home to some seriously spectacular locations for scuba diving and it’s well worth exploring nearby waters if you fancy shaking things up a little as the season really gets going. As well as dives from our charter dive boat, Aquanauts are now offering guided shore dives - a fantastic opportunity to explore some of the huge variety of beautiful dive sites we are lucky to have right here on our doorstep. 

Plymouth is a fantastic location for scuba diving, as well as a beautiful city offering a range of activities in and out of the water. If you haven't done so yet, Plymouth is a must - visit if you are looking for the best places to go scuba diving this summer. Having been based in Plymouth since starting up in 1986, at Aquanauts, we are very familiar with the city and excited that we can share the delights of diving in our local area. With just as much to offer local divers as those travelling from slightly further afield, here are just some of the many reasons why you should go scuba diving in Plymouth.

Diverse Marine Life

One of the best parts of scuba diving is having the opportunity to be immersed in all kinds of marine life and with Plymouth's prime location, travelling significant distances isn't necessary to get a glimpse of new species. Plymouth Sound is the UK's first National Marine Park and the waters are widely recognised for their national and international importance for wildlife and heritage! In fact, the Plymouth Sound is home to over 1000 species of fish and other marine animal life, so trust us when we say that you will be hugely and pleasantly surprised by the range of marine life you can see when scuba diving in Plymouth.

Fantastic Dive Training Facilities

Whether you are just starting out as a diver or have years of experience, Plymouth offers some great opportunities to continue to develop due to the presence of fantastic dive training facilities and dive clubs in the city. There are plenty of experts in scuba diving in Plymouth, including the friendly team here at Aquanauts. All year round we offer PADI courses and boat dives, and many more diving opportunities. With plenty of seasoned divers about, Plymouth is a great place to get professional diving advice and explore an area with the benefit of inside knowledge.

divers training in a pool

Maritime Heritage

As well as offering spectacular marine biodiversity, Plymouth is home to some really unique and fascinating marine heritage. From Bronze Age and prehistoric sites to modern-day fishing and industrial landscapes, there are all kinds of things to see when scuba diving in Plymouth and plenty of lesser-known heritage sites to explore even if you think you know the area well!

The coastal waters are home to numerous shipwrecks, all of which offer a glimpse into the history of the region and make for a more adventurous scuba diving experience. Many visitors flock to the Coronation, which was discovered by accident by some Plymouth-based divers. The Coronation is a designated protected wreck which requires permission before diving on it, but getting this approval is well worth it to see the guns and anchors scattered around both deep and shallow gullies.

Wide Range Of Shore Dive Sites

There are great diving experiences for all abilities in Plymouth. We recommend a shore dive at Andern Point or Cawsand Bay as a starting point. These shallow and sheltered sites offer the perfect place for beginners to enjoy varied topography while boosting their confidence. At Aquanauts we offer Guided Shore Dives, allowing you to explore the beautiful sites on offer stress free, whilst meeting like-minded people and potential new dive buddies!

Always dive within the bounds of your skill level, but don’t be afraid to explore some of the more challenging and deeper sites in Plymouth if you have the right experience. When you’re ready, pay a visit to Firestone Bay which features a deep route that takes you down a slope to a sheer wall with lobsters and conga eels. The deeper part of this site can reach below 30m, so you must be trained to this depth and keep well within your limits. Firestone Bay is also one of the only four wild swimming spots in the UK that have been chosen as official bathing waters ahead of summer.

firestone bay in plymout

Easy Equipment Access

If you are planning to go somewhere new for your next dive, it’s important that you can access the right equipment when you are there. Whether you live in or near the area and want to buy high-quality scuba diving equipment to use regularly, or are visiting and want somewhere trustworthy to rent your gear from, Plymouth offers great access to all of your scuba diving essentials. Aquanauts is located close to some of Plymouth’s best dive sites on the historic Barbican and you can always pay us a visit to find the scuba diving equipment you need for your visit.

All Round Beauty

Last but certainly not least, Plymouth has a really unique feel that is well worth taking the time to enjoy as part of your scuba diving trip. Billed as ‘Britain’s Ocean City’, Plymouth is bustling but not overcrowded, with its connection to the sea and proud maritime history rippling through the city atmosphere. The independent bars and restaurants of the popular Barbican and Plymouth Hoe are the perfect location for a bite to eat or celebratory drink post-dive, and it’s exceptionally easy to reach Dartmoor by bus or car if you want to explore the land as well as the sea during your time in the South West.

Ready to explore the wonderful waters of Plymouth? Get in touch with the Plymouth scuba diving experts at Aquanauts to find out more about the area, book a guided dive or explore training course options. We can’t wait to show you around!


Lizzie Chapman
Lizzie Chapman

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