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5 Reasons To Do A PADI Reactivate Course

group of scuba divers practising dive skills in a swimming pool

Get Back In The Water

If you haven’t been diving for 12 months or more, it’s highly recommended by any scuba dive store that you do a PADI Reactivate course to refresh basic diving knowledge and skills. Anyone who hasn’t dived for a long period of time is bound to feel rusty, and this course allows you to get back into the swing of things, without having to redo your PADI Open Water or other PADI qualification. Taking place in a controlled environment with a trained professional, this is the safest way to brush up on your diving skills after a hiatus. 

Refresh Your Skills Practice

The PADI Reactivate course will differ depending on which scuba dive store you go to. Here at Aquanauts, we review all 25 skills of the PADI Open Water course as part of our PADI Reactivate program. Given the more challenging conditions here in the UK, practising all of the skills of the PADI Open Water course really builds your confidence in the water and prepares you for every situation. Furthermore, if you are considering furthering your certification level to PADI Advanced Open Water, a full PADI Reactivate course will set you up to be more prepared and confident to progress further. 

scuba diver in pool giving ok signal

Enhance Your Diving Confidence

It’s entirely natural to feel a bit apprehensive about getting back in the water when it’s been a while. Whether you feel a bit rusty with buoyancy control, or you’re still vaguely terrified about taking your mask off, the PADI Reactivate course will certainly ease your mind about any of the elements of diving that niggle away at you. The course will have certain skills that your instructor will ask you to complete, but don’t be afraid to ask to practise any other skill that isn’t covered during the course. Be honest with your instructor about any reservations that you have and they will be happy to take any steps to build your confidence. 

Get Diving Advice From A Professional

Your PADI Reactivate course is entirely what you make it! It’s your time with a trained professional to ask any questions, practise any skills that you feel you haven’t yet mastered and to work on all elements of your diving skills and knowledge. Your trained PADI professional will be able to offer you advice on how to progress as a diver, recommend the next steps in your training and potentially even give travel advice if you’re planning a diving trip! Striking up a relationship of trust with your instructor is important and you may even choose to carry out further training with them, going forward. Just remember - there’s no such thing as a stupid question! 

diver training with an instructor in a pool

Work On Your Buoyancy

Being a ‘good scuba diver’ is essentially all about achieving and maintaining neutral buoyancy. It’s a skill you practise as a beginner and never stop practising throughout your diving career, as there is always room for improvement! If you feel like controlling your neutral buoyancy is a weak spot, ask your instructor to make buoyancy skills the focus of your PADI Reactivate course. We would recommend booking in a few dives to put these skills into practice in the open water, so be sure to ask the scuba dive store what they offer. 

If you’d like more information on how to complete your PADI Reactivate course with Aquanauts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.