30% Off Apeks Ocea Stage 3 Regulator Set, When You Trade In Your Old Regulators.

October 19, 2023 3 min read

30% Off Apeks Ocea Stage 3 Regulator Set, When You Trade In Your Old Regulators.


An offer to be noticed, here at Aquanauts we are offering a chance to trade in your old set of regs (1st, 2nd stage and octo) for a 30% discount off a new set of Apeks Ocea


Available in-store or by post this offer is like for like and available for the Apeks  Ocea stage 3 regulator set only until 31st December 2023.

About the Apeks Ocea

The groundbreaking  Regulator is the first environmentally-conscious regulator made from recycled materials and bio-plastics, manufactured in a solar-powered facility. Based on the XL4+, every single material and process was reconsidered to create the most environmentally conscious scuba diving regulator in the world. The Apeks Ocea is a truly game-changing regulator, removing five times its own weight in plastic from the environment.

Made from Recycled Post-Consumer Waste

The Apeks Ocea second stage case is made from recycled post-consumer waste, such as discarded end-of-life appliances like old kettles and toasters. These are diverted from landfill and processed to recover the plastic, the recovered material is then cleaned and melted into small pellets. The pellets are used during the in-house moulding process, to produce the component parts ready for assembly. 

Parts made from Bioplastic

The coloured parts of the Ocea are made from bioplastic. Unlike traditional virgin plastic, which relies on the use of limited fossil resources and petroleum during production, the bioplastic used for the Apeks Ocea is created using plant-based bioplastic materials. The crops used to produce the bioplastic are grown on poor soil that is unsuitable for growing food crops, meaning there is no food crop displacement during production. As the plants grow ready for harvesting, they also absorb carbon dioxide from the environment.

Powered by Solar Panels 

The 400 solar panels on the roof of the UK manufacturing facility generate up to 75,000kWh of energy each year, which means every Apeks Ocea is made from sunshine! 

The electricity generated is used to run machinery and charge cars, and even sell excess electricity back into the local grid. 

By running a solar powered factory, the carbon footprint of the business has been reduced by around 50 tonnes a year.

5KG of Ocean-Bound Plastic Collected For Every Apeks Ocea Made

22 million kilograms (48.5 million lbs) of plastic enters our ocean every day. That's one truckload every single minute of every single day.

It's a horrifying static and something Apeks aims to address in a defined and tangible way. In addition to the Ocea being made from recycled post-consumer waste, Apeks have chosen to work with Plastic Bank to create an even more positive impact. 

Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank are revolutionising the world's recycling systems to create a regenerative inclusive, and circular plastic economy. For each Ocea manufactured, Apeks contribute directly to Plastic Bank which ensures 5kg of upstream ocean-bound plastic is collected from coastal communities around the world. Plastic Bank then reprocess the collected materials for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain. The collectors in over 500 locations receive a premium for the materials they collect to better help them provide basic family necessities such as groceries, school tuition, and health insurance.

Lead-Free Brass

Most brass alloys contain lead, and while that's not a problem for applications outside the food and drink industries, we wanted to look at how we could do better. The Apeks Ocea uses lead-free brass, which means the lead component of the alloy is replaced with silicone. The biggest benefit of doing this is that lead-free brass performs far better than standard brass - it's stronger and more resistant to corrosion.


Brass Recycling

The Ocea first stage is machined by us from a solid bar of brass. Brass is a highly sustainable material and can be recycled over and over, with no loss of performance or quality. Any waste brass created during our machining process is collected, cleaned and sent it back for recycling into new brass bars.

Zero Waste To Landfill

Using waste-to-energy incineration, 100% of the general waste from the UK manufacturing plant is used to generate energy, which is used for heating and hot water in other industries.

Kinder Plating

The metal parts of the Ocea are protected by a chrome plating technique called Trivalent Plating, which provides scratch and corrosion resistance and extends the life of the product. Trivalent chromium is a kinder alternative to traditional plating uses chromum sulfate or chromium chloride rather than chromium trioxide.

How it works?

You simply bring your old 1st 2nd stage and octo in-store or by post  (make sure all hoses and gages are disconnected) and we will apply the fantastic 30% discount off the RRP for theApeks Ocea  (Terms and conditions apply).

Please note: individual regulator 1st and 2nd stages are not valid for trade in and an Octopus must be included.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas

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