Gift Ideas For Scuba Divers: Our 10 Best Stocking Fillers 2023

October 24, 2023 4 min read

Gift Ideas For Scuba Divers: Our 10 Best Stocking Fillers 2023

When shopping for the scuba diver in your life this Christmas, there’s no need to go overboard! Whether you’re a seasoned diver yourself or don’t have a clue where to start, fear not. Here at Aquanauts, we’ve been rustling up all kinds of gift ideas for scuba divers at a range of prices, including a wonderful selection of stocking fillers. From handy accessories to thermal protection, these are our top 10 suggestions this year:

1. Beaver SMB (Torpedo, Round)

RRP £18.95, £15.75

First up on our list of 2023 scuba diving stocking fillers is a surface marker buoy. Beaver SMBs are some of the best in the business and are available in a torpedo and a round model. Both shapes are essential pieces of safety equipment, with the round SMB exceptionally easy to pull and the torpedo SMB offering many convenient connection points. With detachable flags included, this practical gift idea for scuba divers will ensure that the diver in your life remains visible at all times.

2. Beaver BCD & Regulator Hanger

RRP £7.75

While we’re talking about practical gift ideas for scuba divers, why not pop a Beaver BCD & Regulator Hanger in your loved one’s stocking? While these hangers aren’t necessarily glamorous (although they are available in three colours), the recipient is guaranteed to get a lot of use out of them! Beaver hangers are especially lightweight but still durable, offering the ultimate way to store essential scuba gear post-dive. The hanger itself features clever dummy DIN and A-clamp regulator attachments so that divers can safely position all of their gear in the most suitable position for effective drying.

3. Fourth Element Xerotherm Gloves

RRP £35.00

If you’re looking for a gift idea that is particularly seasonal, these high-performance gloves from Fourth Element are the perfect stocking filler. Particularly in the UK, cold water and winter diving require the right layers for both safety and comfort. The Xerotherm gloves provide maximum dexterity alongside unmatched thermal protection and can slide seamlessly under dry gloves in extreme conditions. 

4. Scubapro Wetnotes

RRP £36.00

Sale Price: £32.39

Scubapro Wetnotes are a great gift for any scuba diver who loves reflecting on their dive. With this pocket-sized underwater notebook, your friend or loved one can easily jot down anything they see and communicate effectively while on the dive. Plus, the compact size is perfect for slipping into a stocking, all without compromising on quality and functionality.

5. Scubapro Delta 5mm Zipped Wetsuit Boots

RRP £55.00

Sale Price: £49.49

These lightweight wetsuit boots are another great stocking filler for scuba divers, particularly those sticking to their diving throughout the winter. The Scubapro Delta boots offer a 5mm thickness that is best suited to moderate water and are incredibly easy to get on and off with a handy zip closure. As well as being a great stocking filler for divers, these boots are also fantastic for taking the plunge and getting stuck into cold water swimming.

6. Beaver Assassin Knife

RRP £51.95

Sale Price: £48.95

No diver should be without a reliable dive knife. The Beaver Assassin is complete with a 12cm stainless steel blade, as well as a serrated edge and a line cutter. Safe to say, this is one of the most multifunctional dive knives out there and can be easily attached to the calf. Aside from its practical features, the Assassin also has an undoubtedly cool black finish that is sure to wow when opened on Christmas Day.

7. Gear Aid Wetsuit And Drysuit Shampoo

RRP £8.25

If you’re looking to save money on your Christmas gifts this year, there are plenty of scuba diving stocking fillers available that won’t break the bank. This wetsuit and drysuit shampoo is the perfect choice if your budget is on the smaller side, offering a practical solution for cleaning some of the most essential pieces of scuba diving equipment. With this, divers will be able to keep their wetsuits and drysuits free of nasty residue. The Gear Aid shampoo is also a great choice for anybody who swims regularly in a wetsuit and wants to keep it in tip-top condition.

8. Suunto SK8 Compass

RRP £70.00

Sale Price: £65.00

Staying aware of your location and positioning is essential when scuba diving, and the Suunto SK8 compass ensures that the user can do exactly that. There are many reasons that this dive compass is a firm favourite amongst UK divers: it’s balanced, incredibly easy to grip, and available in different kinds of mount configurations. Pop this one into a stocking and you are sure to delight the scuba diver in your life.

9. McNett Sea Buff Cleaner

RRP £5.65

This sea buff cleaner is another great gift idea if you’re on a budget. Suitable for use on both dive masks and slates, the McNett sea buff cleaner is great for removing residue and dirt from essential pieces of dive equipment, helping the anti-fog properties of a mask to work as effectively as they should. It’s a great but practical addition to any stocking and one that your diving friends might often overlook when shopping for themselves.

10. Swimcell 100% Waterproof Phone Case

RRP £15.99

A waterproof phone case is the perfect way to keep such an important items safe and dry when out on the dive boat. This one from Swimcell is one of our favourite gift ideas for scuba divers, as it is 100% waterproof and allows for full use of your mobile phone through a clear cover. If your loved one is getting into underwater photography, you simply must include this case in their stocking this year!

Note: although waterproof this product is not to be used diving due to depth.

Want to check out more of our amazing gifts for scuba divers? You can explore the full range online here.

Lizzie Chapman
Lizzie Chapman

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