The Best Gifts For Swimmers 2023: Aquanauts' Christmas Gift Guide

October 18, 2023 4 min read

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While you might know Aquanauts as your go-to dive shop, scuba diving just scratches the surface of our love for the water. We’re also big fans of swimming and all of the wonderful physical and mental health benefits that can be unlocked by spending some time in cold water. 

As our love for open water swimming has grown, so too has our range of fantastic swimming essentials and we’re proud to present some fantastic swimming gifts for the first time this Christmas. From practical stocking fillers to top-of-the-range thermal protection, look no further than the following items if you’re on the hunt for the best gifts for swimmers this year.

Cressi Skylight Swim Goggles

RRP: £39.99

Sale Price: £35.99

Anyone familiar with the Aquanauts blog will be well aware that we are huge fans of Cressi. This multi-functional dive brand lives and breathes all things water, offering a fantastic range of cold water swimming products alongside their expert dive gear. 

A number of Cressi swim products are great gifts for swimmers but it’s the Cressi Skylight Swim Goggles that top the list of must-haves this year. Exceptionally comfortable and totally leak-proof, the Skylight goggles are the result of years of innovation and probably the very best pair of swimming goggles available on the market right now. They are suitable for hours and hours of use in both the pool and the sea, meaning that we have no doubt that these goggles will be one of the most well-received swimming gifts this year.

cressi skylight swim goggles

Swimcell Towelling Robe

RRP £54.99

If you’ve ever been cold water swimming yourself, you’ll know just how much easier and enjoyable the experience is if you can dry off quickly afterwards. Faffing around with a towel is awkward and frustrating, and the longer you stay wet, the more quickly you get cold. For this reason, one of our best gifts for swimmers this year is the Swimcell Towelling Robe.

Available in both adult and junior sizes, this fantastic swimming gift is made from incredibly comfortable cotton terry towelling which will have the wearer dry and comfortable in no time at all. The fit is oversized with long length and large armholes that make it super easy to slip on and off when getting in and out of the water. This also means that you don’t need to worry too much about getting the perfect fit when choosing this robe as the gift for the swimmer in your life this Christmas. 

Scubapro Sport 5mm Wetsuit - Male/Female

RRP: £237.00

Sale Price: £212.99

This Christmas, why not opt for a swimming gift that can be used almost right away? While some swimming fanatics are daring all year round, most will opt for a wetsuit in the colder months surrounding the festive season. If you’ve got the budget for it, a new wetsuit is sure to go down as an absolute treat with any swimmer and the Scubapro Sport 5mm is our pick of the best.

The 5mm thickness of this gift for swimmers is perfect for colder water temperatures. However, what really makes the Scubapro Sport wetsuit really stand out and perfect for swimming is its unique and sporty design. The triathlon cut allows the wearer to enjoy the widest range of motion in their shoulders and arms and stay warm without having to compromise on performance. 

Swimcell 15ltr Tow Float

RRP: £16.99

There’s no way that we could compile a guide of the best gifts for swimmers without including suggestions to tackle a ‘practical present’ brief. After all, staying safe is essential when swimming in cold water and choosing a gift that can help your loved one achieve this is always an equally safe bet. 

We really recommend the Swimcell 15ltr Tow Float if you are after a swimming gift that will see plenty of practical use. Available in a choice of two bright colours, this medium-sized and incredibly light tow float works wonders in terms of keeping swimmers safe and seen from the shore. The Swimcell tow float is remarkably easy to inflate and even easier to use, with a handy adjustable waist belt and built-in emergency whistle to cover all bases. 

Cressi Anti-Fog

RRP: £11.99

Sale Price: £8.29

While we’re on the theme of practical gifts for swimmers, this Cressi Anti-Fog Spray should not go amiss. Perfect as a stocking filler or for anybody hoping to save money on Christmas gifts this year, this is a genuinely practical but revolutionary present sure to delight any keen swimmer. Simply spray on the inside of swimming goggles and then rinse off for fog-free lenses. 

If the recipient is a keen diver as well as a swimmer, even better. The spray works just as well on dive masks as it does swimming goggles, so they’ll never need to worry about the inconvenience of a foggy view again!

Swimcell Waterproof Key Case Armband

RRP: £16.99

Last but certainly not least on our gift guide for swimmers this year is this epic Waterproof Key Case Armband by Swimcell. Waterproof up to 10m and packed with plenty of room for stowing away essential valuables, this armband is a great choice if you want to give the gift of vital peace of mind. 

What we particularly love about this fantastic swimming gift is the fact it can be worn in a number of ways. While the design is particularly tailored for wear around the arm, it also includes a lanyard that allows the key case to sit around the neck, chest or waist if that is more comfortable. Choose between a standard black design or a bright orange colour if you think the recipient will enjoy standing out!

We hope that our handy gift guide has given you plenty of inspiration when it comes to gifts for swimmers. If you need any advice or would like to get some further ideas from our expert team, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat!

Prices correct at time of publishing. 

Lizzie Chapman
Lizzie Chapman

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