5 Reasons To Try Scuba Diving All Year Round

September 21, 2023 3 min read

scuba divers in water at night

As the general temperature starts to drop and daylight hours reduce, it might feel like the window for donning your dive gear has slammed shut. We can’t deny that summer is the most popular time to try scuba diving in the UK, but this doesn’t mean you have to pack away your kit just yet! In fact, from new marine life to different dive experiences, there’s so much to discover if you try scuba diving all year round. Keep your fins to hand and discover Aquanauts’ top reasons why scuba diving out of summer is a must-try.

Surprising Water Temperatures

It’s a common misconception that the water gets too cold to take the plunge as soon as the sun starts to hide. However, September and October actually produce the warmest sea temperatures of the year in the UK as the water has had the whole of summer to heat up. Even when temperatures do drop off as winter takes its toll, there’s no reason why you can’t continue your routine and keep diving. Just make sure that you prepare adequately and have the right equipment for cold water diving like a durable drysuit and a suitable pair of boots, gloves and a hood. If you have never worn a drysuit, why not sign up to one of our PADI Drysuit speciality courses online today?

Chance To Night Dive

Once the evenings start to get a little darker, it’s never long until the clocks change and before you know it there’s a very small window if you want to dive and work during the day. The weekends will always be there, but diving all year round also provides the opportunity to dip your toes into the world of night diving and shake up your weekday routine. There’s a lot to be aware of if you do want to venture into the world of the water after dark, but you can get clued up on everything you need to know about night diving with additional modules available on the PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

Visibility Is Better

One of the biggest advantages of diving outside of peak summer season is improved visibility - perfect if you’re keen to test your underwater photography skills and share epic experiences with your dive buddies! As it cools down, the concentration of organic material in the water slowly starts to decrease and this generally means you can see further and more clearly. It’s also inevitable that the number of boats and tourists using the water will start to reduce from September onwards and this helps to create calmer and cleaner waters that are perfect for spotting some interesting marine life and admiring the beautiful underwater scenery. 

Visit New Places

The real charm of scuba diving is that every dive site or location will always offer something new, so make the most of the chance to see new marine life and shipwrecks by diving all year round to maximise the amount of time you can spend in the water. You might choose to make the switch from boat diving in the summer to shore diving in the winter or dip your toes into the wonderful world of diving abroad by hopping aboard a liveaboard trip when the UK sun is no more. 

Beat The Crowds

It goes without saying that summertime brings the largest crowds to popular dive spots. This can be great if you’re just starting out or keen to unlock a truly communal diving experience, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a unique and peaceful diving experience. Diving all year round offers the chance to beat the busy crowds and really take the time to appreciate every aspect of your dive, without the worry of competing with other divers or water users for your chosen spot. 

Whether you’re enticed by the possibility of night diving, seeking better visibility, or simply don’t want to break your diving habit just yet, there’s all kinds of merit in diving all year round. Aquanauts can help you to try scuba diving even when summer is a distant memory, so whether you’re heading off for some winter sun and need some new year or preparing for colder waters, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today for trustworthy advice and reliable equipment.

Lizzie Chapman
Lizzie Chapman

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