Shining The Light On OrcaTorch

September 15, 2023 3 min read

Shining The Light On OrcaTorch

As scuba divers, we spend a lot of time dreaming of new kit. Getting a new mask, wetsuit or fins is always an exciting occasion, but most UK divers will agree that a new dive torch is pretty special too. After all, it’s a dive torch that can make a huge but subtle difference to the way you experience the sights of your chosen dive site and capture these memories for a lifetime. 

Dive torches are made by a huge range of scuba diving brands, though quality can vary pretty significantly. One brand that is certainly proving its worth, however, is OrcaTorch. Offering high-quality products with an expert ethos, it’s no surprise that we’re big fans of OrcaTorch here at Aquanauts. Here’s why.

Founded By Experts

OrcaTorch is pretty new to the scene in comparison to historic dive brands like Apeks and Scubapro. However, their story is just as special. Founder Carson Weng came together with a wider group of geeks and torch enthusiasts back in 2014, having discovered that divers were using torches that failed them at the most crucial moments. Combining their prior knowledge of torch technology with the eagerness you’d expect from new divers, OrcaTorch was born with the mission to create the highest performing dive torch on the market.

The Very Best Features

You don’t have to look very far to see how OrcaTorch’s technological background translates to their dive torches. A good dive torch should offer outstanding brightness coupled with long-lasting battery life for optimum performance even during extended dive times. OrcaTorch deliver on this front and then some, with recent models like the new D720 kitted out with a 21700 USB Type-C 5000mAh rechargeable Li-on battery to create one of the strongest torches out there. Other stand out features of the OrcaTorch brand include durability, water pressure resistance and easy-to-use controls.

Multi-Functional Dive Torches

If we were to choose one feature of OrcaTorch that makes the brand really stand out, it’s the multi-functionality of their products. Though most people tend to think of dive torches as essential for seeing through poor visibility, OrcaTorch’s range can be used for so much more. From technical diving to underwater photography, there’s a new hobby around the corner with every model, making the investment in a new dive torch well worth the initial outlay if you’re planning on expanding your diving horizons any time soon.

Our Top OrcaTorch Products

D720 Torch

The new OrcaTorch D720 is the perfect example of how different worlds can meet in one torch. Billed as one of the strongest torches in its class, the long distance beam light is perfect for recreational diving as well as technical diving. A rotating head makes it incredibly easy to adjust the beam when less light is required, so you can carry the D720 with you across a whole host of environments and know that it will perform as well as it should.


D530 Dive Light

Another staple in the OrcaTorch collection is the D530 Dive Light. Packed with the latest technology but offering a no-frills appearance, the D530 is the perfect primary dive torch. With a battery indicator, reverse polarity protection and a safe lock to prevent any slips or errors, the features of this torch are ones you can count on. It’s priced moderately too, helping divers to upgrade their kit without breaking the bank.


Mazu TD01 Head Torch

Some divers prefer a head torch rather than a handheld device. If this is you, the Mazu TD01 Head Torch is the perfect choice. We particularly love the way that it can be used in a multitude of ways, with a hand multi-sports bracket that can be mounted on the head, a helmet, or the wrist. Safe to a depth of up to 150 metres, this OrcaTorch favourite will keep you safe on a wide variety of dives.

Mazu TD01

Whether you’re looking to try something new or ready to upgrade your dive torch, OrcaTorch is the perfect place to start. Don’t hesitate to check out the full range of OrcaTorch products stocked here are Aquanauts and feel free to get in touch with our expert, Plymouth-based team if you need any advice when it comes to choosing the right dive torch for your needs.

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Lizzie Chapman
Lizzie Chapman

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