Local Dive Site Guide: Le Poulmic

September 14, 2023 1 min read

Local Dive Site Guide: Le Poulmic

Key Details

Dive site name: Le Poulmic
Location: Plymouth
Description: Boat/Wreck Dive
Depth: 18 metres approx

Site Guide

Le Poulmic was a French Transport Ship which met its fate south of Plymouth Breakwater when it sank on the 7th of November 1940, when it was hit by an acoustic mine and suffered heavy damage. As a result, sadly 11 crew were lost and the ship’s remains were scattered on the sea bed. *

A well-known wreck site, divers over the decades have continued to explore the site with the largest section being the engine bed,  bottom plates (although the engine has been removed) and remains of the prop shaft. Amongst the wreckage, you will find lots of marine life. In Summer as with many wrecks, there will also be an abundance of seaweed on shallower sections, the perfect place to find lots of fish such as bass, mullet and wrasse. In winter the wreck is more exposed with a chance to spot some bigger marine life such as eels, spider crabs, soft corals, cup corals and anemones. The scattered site means that a planned dive can take you across the site with a mix of sandy bottom and wreckage, so plenty of opportunities to spot marine life. 

Certification Level

Its depth makes the wreck a little more accessible than some others, certification PADI Open Water or equivalent.

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*Source: The Ships Project

Note: Image used an example of UK wreck diving - not the actual dive site

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas

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