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What Are Your Scuba Diving Goals This Year?

Lady looking happily thoughtful in scuba gear

It’s that time of year for the ‘New Year New Me’ mindset popping up everywhere we look. With New Year’s Resolutions at the forefront of many minds, what about making this year all about your New Year’s scuba diving goals? There are endless ways to progress in your scuba diving career, whatever level you are currently at. Here are some suggestions of how you can make your New Year’s Resolution a scuba diving-orientated one. 

Get Back Into Diving

Perhaps the chilly Winter months put you off braving the colder water, or you just didn’t find the time last year to keep up your hobby. This year, take the plunge and rekindle the old scuba diving flame! If it’s been more than a year, a  PADI Reactivate course will refresh your skills practice and increase your confidence before you get back in the ocean. If it’s the cold water putting you off, a  PADI drysuit diver specialty will teach you how to safely use a drysuit, allowing you to keep toasty when cold water scuba diving. If your confidence has taken a hit, most good dive shops will have experienced staff willing to talk you through a plan to ease you back into the water.


Advance Your Certification Level

Scuba diving is one of those sports where there is always scope for progression! Whether you completed your PADI Open Water Course and are keen to  advance to the next level, or you are ready to look beyond your own scuba diving skills and be  prepared to start thinking about the welfare of other divers, committing to the next certification level is a commendable scuba diving goal for the new year. Each of the PADI diving courses allows you to develop your subject knowledge, learn new skills and work on that all-important buoyancy. For more information on each of the PADI diving courses, check out our  recent blog

Plan A Diving Holiday

This year could be the time to stop staring longingly at images of turquoise water and white sandy beaches, and go diving in paradise yourself! From the tropical waters of South East Asia to the outstanding visibility that Iceland offers, the underwater world is always waiting to be explored. Here at Aquanauts HQ, our instructors will happily give you advice on some of the world’s best scuba diving spots, along with recommendations of top rated dive shops in the area. Whilst we would, of course, always recommend Plymouth diving, there’s a big world out there to discover! 


Introduce A Non-Diver To Diving

 Remember your first scuba diving experience? Taking your first breath underwater and feeling weightless is an experience you’ll never forget, so this year why not share it with someone else? You have the ability to show someone your passion and if they love it as much as you, you might gain a dive buddy for life! If you just want to give them a taster, they could do a  PADI Discover Scuba Diving session, or if they are ready to go the whole hog, why not refer them to do a  PADI Open Water Course? This year, Aquanauts will be running a special one time offer for divers who refer a friend to buy an Open Water course to receive a £50 Aquanauts voucher! 


Complete A Specialty Course


If you’re looking for adventure in your diving career this year, make your diving resolution to undertake some  PADI Specialty Courses. From diving deeper than you have before, to penetrating a wreck, these courses are an opportunity to unleash the explorer in you. With each Specialty focussing on specific aspects of diving, completing more PADI Specialty Courses can help you realise your unique diving interests and help you decide which path you will take in order to enhance your personal scuba diving career. For more information on PADI Specialty courses, check out our  recent blog or contact us directly for information from experienced professionals. 


Become A Professional


It’s hard to meet a Dive Professional who doesn’t love their job! Will 2023 be the year to make that dream job your reality? There are a multitude of reasons to become a PADI Divemaster or Instructor. Whether it’s sharing your passion for the underwater world, incorporating work with travel, or as your own personal challenge, becoming a PADI Professional opens up a lifetime full of adventure, intrigue and fun. We offer a  Divemaster Internship Programme, where you can complete all of the skills and workshops of the PADI Divemaster Course, whilst working alongside professionals in all aspects of the scuba diving industry. 


It's time to start planning your diving year! If you want to discuss your scuba diving goals for this year with us, don't hesitate to give us a call, email info@aquanauts.co.uk or pop into the shop!