How Can The Benefits Of Scuba Diving Help Beat The January Blues?

January 05, 2023 3 min read

a couple of divers swimming underwater in a bright blue ocean

There’s no denying that January can be a tough month for many of us. With Christmas over and shorter evenings and bad weather to contend with, you’re not alone if you’re struggling to stay motivated at the start of the new year. You’re likely to be wondering, “what on earth’s this got to do with scuba diving?”. Well, what you may not know is that the benefits of scuba diving have a very positive impact on boosting mental health, as well as physical health. So, if you’re looking for ways to stay positive this January, trying scuba diving could just be the ticket. Here’s why:

Reduce Stress & Anxiety 

One of the most important mental health benefits of scuba diving is its role in helping you feel calmer and more present. When we breathe throughout a dive, we tend to breathe slowly and deeply, similar to the breathing style that is used for meditation. In fact, many divers report feeling a zen-like feeling when they surface, akin to having completed a session of meditation or breath work. Focusing on taking in long, deep breaths as you dive helps your body to feel more relaxed, ultimately reducing stress levels and helping you to forget about the anxieties of everyday life - they can stay back on land!

happy diver giving the ok signal

Interact With Incredible Marine Life

Reconnecting with the natural world is a great way to help you feel more grounded, and scuba diving provides you with a whole world of nature to be discovered underwater. The huge variety of fish, corals and critters is bound to leave you in awe, and it’s certainly the best distraction from everyday life. The bright colours of corals, reefs and sea creatures that can be found in different parts of the world are uplifting, promoting feelings of happiness and providing excitement for all the amazing sights that can be discovered next. One of the main benefits of scuba diving is that it presents endless opportunities for travelling and diving in all corners of the globe. 

turtle swimming among colourful reefs in bright blue water

Meet New People

Feel your social life taking a bit of a dip in the winter? You’re not alone, however trying a new activity like diving is a fun way to meet like minded people whilst learning a new skill. PADI dive courses are completed in groups, providing plenty of opportunity to connect with fellow divers, and joining a diving club means you can join in with fun socials and trips on a regular basis, with the opportunity for travelling with a group abroad. There’s a huge sense of community when you’ve finished a dive, having shared an incredible and unique experience together. 

Aquanauts boat dive trip

Increase Confidence 

Another one of the most crucial benefits of scuba diving that is often overlooked, is that it offers plenty of opportunity for progression. There’s no greater feeling than the sense of accomplishment that comes with having achieved goals that we’ve set ourselves, and diving provides plenty of chances to challenge yourself. Why not dip your toe in the water with PADI’s Discover Scuba Diving course before nailing the essentials with a PADI Open Water certification? After that, there are plenty of speciality courses to try your hand at. The PADI Advanced Open Watercourse includes a deep dive and navigation aspect, with the opportunity to try out your choice of adventure dives. Other specialist courses include wreck divingdrysuit diving as well as rescue and emergency first response courses. 

diver swimming towards a shipwreck

Improve Physical Health

It’s no secret that exercise has a positive impact on mental health, contributing to the release of “feel good” chemicals in the brain that help to reduce stress levels and boost your mood. Scuba diving provides a fun way to stay physically fit, without feeling like you’re exercising at all. The physical health benefits of scuba diving include helping to build muscle strength and flexibility, whilst also helping to lower blood pressure. As you warm up throughout the dive and through controlled breathing, your heart rate reduces, helping to lower your blood pressure and promote feelings of calm. 

diver jumping off a boat into the ocean
Fancy experiencing all the benefits of scuba diving? Our experienced dive team at Aquanauts can talk you through how to get started, or the opportunities for progression if you’re a certified diver looking to boost your skills. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, drop us a message or pop into our Plymouth store.
Lizzie Chapman
Lizzie Chapman

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